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  • Why the name Tebra?

    To create a new and united company, we needed to create a new name. The name Tebra symbolizes our role as the digital backbone of practice success. It originates from “vertebrae,” the interlocking, load-bearing parts that come together to form an essential system for bodies to thrive. Tebra is that connected system for practices, providers, and patients.

  • How will Kareo and PatientPop products work together moving forward?

    Together, as Tebra, Kareo and PatientPop will support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey. Both companies have long recognized and understood the importance of optimizing for the patient experience, and that can be seen in our shared commitment to patient engagement tools that complement each other, can be used together today, and which will become even more seamlessly integrated over time. Kareo contributes technology to support practice operations, including a fully certified electronic health record (EHR), scheduling, insurance billing, patient payments, and more. PatientPop contributes technology to accelerate practice growth, including practice websites, online appointment booking, search marketing, digital registration, text messaging, and more. If you’re interested in stepping up your growth plans and being among the first to benefit from this incredible integration, get in touch to learn about adding Kareo and PatientPop (or both) to your practice today.

  • Will Kareo and PatientPop continue to offer all of their current products and services?

    Yes. For now, nothing will change, and you’ll be able to continue to use Kareo and PatientPop services as you do today. Over time, you’ll benefit from a deeper and more seamless integration between Kareo and PatientPop. As we begin to integrate, we’ll introduce updates and new products with care. We also remain committed to supporting and expanding integrations with third-party healthcare technology solutions so that both Kareo and PatientPop can continue to be used in conjunction with other products.

  • I’m interested in learning how the combination of Kareo and PatientPop can benefit my practice. What should I do next?

    Thank you for your interest! We’re excited to show you the power of our combined companies. If you are a current customer interested in learning more, please reach out to your account manager. If you are not an existing customer, please click here, tell us a bit about your practice and we’ll connect you with a Tebra expert who will provide an in-depth product demo.

  • What is a “connected practice of the future?”

    This term is an evolution of “consumer-centric practice.” From practice growth technology to clinical and financial software, the connected practice of the future is digital-first, modernized for every step of the patient journey, and committed to the well-being of both patients and providers.

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