Becoming Tebra

Join Kareo and PatientPop for the next stage in their evolution as Tebra, a software platform for the modern healthcare practice.


To unlock better healthcare — by helping independent practices bring modernized care to patients everywhere.

It started here…

In 2021, leaders at Kareo and PatientPop realized their common mission to support independent medical practices would be better served together. They agreed to merge and become Tebra.

The way forward

As we chart a course for Tebra, we have been taking the time to research and listen to healthcare professionals like you. That way, we can better support your business and patients everywhere.

A focus on

We believe your success should go beyond just finances. It's also about mental, physical, and emotional health for patients, providers and the businesses that support them. Tebra is here to help you get to exactly that and foster what we call “practice well-being.”


What’s coming next

Becoming Tebra will take time, but each upcoming phase is designed to provide Kareo and PatientPop users improved features, support, and — ultimately — a fresh, unified brand experience across both platforms.

A new Tebra look

Get a sneak preview of the new Tebra look that launches on June 1st. Rest assured that while the design and brand experience will be different, our product functionality and workflows will remain the same. We can’t wait to share the updated Tebra experience with you!

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To and from Tebra

In the coming weeks, you’ll notice that emails sent to you from the Kareo and PatientPop teams - perhaps your monthly newsletter or check-in email from your Account Manager - now end in our new ‘’ email domain. Rest assured, this will not cause any changes to your points of contact!

Introducing your new Customer Care Center

To enhance the service experience for Support cases, our new process empowers users to submit Support requests, as well as track case progress and status in real-time, from the ‘Cases List’ tab in your account profile. In addition, you will be able to communicate with your designated Support representative in-app as the case progresses.

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As part of our transformational journey, we are excited to introduce Tebra across our social media channels!

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Watch this space in the coming weeks for updates on our journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers.

  • What will happen to Kareo and PatientPop?

    In 2021, Kareo and PatientPop merged to form Tebra. Our name and look may have changed, but the products you use every day are here to stay! Tebra is committed to delivering a comprehensive technology solution for independent practices, including practice operations and growth.

  • What does Tebra stand for?

    The name Tebra originates from “vertebra,” symbolizing our role as the technology backbone for practice success. Just as individual vertebrae come together to support the human body, our complete operating system supports practices, providers, and patients alike.

  • What is the Tebra offering?

    Tebra is a complete platform, available as a software-as-a-service offering, that powers every step of the patient journey—from practice growth, to patient experience, care delivery, as well as billing operations.

  • How can Tebra’s platform help my practice?

    Tebra combines leading technologies from both Kareo and PatientPop to deliver an all-in-one platform purpose-built to drive practice success and modernize every step of the patient journey. Tebra’s practice success platform is designed to attract, engage, and retain patients—enabling practitioners to spend less time on operations and more time delivering patient care.