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Pediatric neurologist improves clinical and financial outcomes with Tebra

After years working in a large hospital system, Stephen T. H.Gutu, MD left in 2020 to start his own unique faith based practice focused on diagnosing and treating children with neurological conditions. Soon after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The practice turned to Tebra and hasn’t looked back since.

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When Dr. Stephen Gutu started to research extensively available and overwhelming healthcare technologies on the market, most of what he found wasn’t geared towards small practices. The solutions he did find that included EHR and billing were neither very user-friendly nor able to deliver the outcomes he desired. He also found high implementation costs, various monthly fees, and sub-par customer service experiences.


Dr. Gutu found Tebra and was instantly impressed with its adaptable clinical dashboard for easy patient charting, sharing results with other providers, ordering labs, scheduling and performing electroencephalogram (EEGs) with ease. As the sole provider at his practice, he worked with Tebra’s Partner Connect program to get matched with an experienced medical billing company that understood his practice, specialty, and unique billing needs. Dr. Gutu leveraged Tebra’s user-friendly online scheduling and telehealth solution to offer patients more flexible appointment options.


After implementing Tebra’s EHR and billing solutions, with features like eFax, telehealth and online scheduling, Dr. Gutu and staff noticed instant improvement. The practice can now provide service to patients 2-3 times more per week with efficient patient charting; leverage even more telehealth appointments for patients that would have otherwise canceled or not shown up; and with the help of Spectrum Billing Technologies, LLC process more than 100 payments per month, recovering several thousand dollars more in insurance reimbursements.

“Tebra has been a true blessing and instrumental in helping me run my practice more efficiently and stay profitable. Tebra’s platform is not only affordable but also delivers so much value and great ROI. Its commitment to independent healthcare providers is evident in the innovative product features and I always feel like my feedback is heard when new enhancements are released.”

Stephen T. H. Gutu, MD Owner, President, Steward

Pediatric Neurology Divine Solutions, PLLC

Dr. Stephen T. H.Gutu has always been passionate about providing faith based healthcare for kids. When he decided to open his own pediatric neurology practice, he knew there were going to be challenges. The first was a slow start due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the lockdown gave him ample time to research the right healthcare IT system that worked best for his specialty. During his time in various large hospitals, he saw a lot of available systems. As a new small independent solo practice, he knew he needed a platform that could help make his day more efficient, so he could focus on delivering optimal care to his young patients. 

He also discovered that most of the technology on the market wasn’t geared towards small practices. After demoing numerous platforms, Dr. Gutu chose Tebra and has several reasons why it stood out from the rest.

Clinical complexity made easy

With an overwhelming administrative and regulatory burden, implementing an integrative EHR helps reduce friction for doctors and their staff. “Tebra’s EHR stores all my diagnostic codes, even the ones that I use more infrequently, so I don’t have to waste time looking for them or trying to remember what they are,” Dr. Gutu said. 

Tebra care delivery is specifically designed for independent practices and can be tailored to a variety of different medical specialties. Since pediatric neurology is more of a niche, it was very important to Dr. Gutu that the software he chose be flexible to his needs including integrating procedures like an EEG. He discovered that Tebra makes patient charting easier, managing and monitoring labs and results more precise, and processing claims faster since it is all integrated and doesn’t get stuck in the clearinghouse. Also the flexible and adaptable Tebra platform enables the practice to be able to integrate easily with a third-party Virtual Medical Assistant with ease. 

Boost profits for improved financial success

Pediatric Neurology Divine Solutions, PLLC, realized it was going to need outsourced billing support. That’s when he reached out to Tebra for assistance in finding a billing company to help him. After speaking with the team at Tebra about his unique practice needs, he was matched him with a trusted billing company partner, Spectrum Billing Technologies, LLC that was proficient on the Tebra platform—ensuring that Dr. Gutu would feel an impact right away from their services. Leveraging Tebra’s technology delivers an automated, consumer-centric, and unified solution for providers and billing companies. Tebra’s billing solution makes it easier to collect payments faster and at higher rates for practices. 

“I used to keep a log on a piece of paper when a deposit came in. Now I can see all my billing analytics in one place (gross charges, net collections, accounts receivable etc), updated daily, which is much more efficient and gives me peace of mind on my collections,” Dr. Gutu said.

With his billing company’s help, Dr. Gutu has been able to process more than 100 payments per month and recover several thousand dollars more to be more profitable. Tebra understands how challenging it is for independent practices to play against large hospital systems for business and how crucial it is to overcome billing and insurance challenges. 

Improve accessibility with telehealth

Telehealth became a doctor and patient lifeline during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth was crucial for providing continuity of care and has remained a convenient digital tool even as COVID-19 restrictions have subsided. Dr. Gutu implemented Tebra’s telehealth solution and still sees 15-20 more patients per month through the solution today. “Even though I am based in Iowa, I have patients who I treat from several other states, all by using telehealth,” Dr. Gutu said. “Our young patients love it because they are always on the go and using telehealth allows them to take the call from wherever they are but still get the same quality treatment they need.Also, the telehealth appointments could be after normal clinic hours.  Also, in winter, patients don’t have to miss the appointments due to inclement weather ”

Since Tebra’s telehealth is integrated into its EHR, doctors can be assured that it’s safe, secure, and able to capture clinical information. Dr. Gutu said that offering telehealth has reduced his patient no-show rate to almost zero because of the convenience and accessibility. Tebra’s telehealth solution is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified and integrates seamlessly into the platform. 

Dr. Gutu said, “The icing on the cake is that Tebra strives to be the best by making us, the clients and our needs, the most valuable assets, carefully listening and making the necessary improvements to make sure that daily clinic operations run smoothly and efficiently with more than satisfactory ROI. We feel blessed beyond measure to be using Tebra and wouldn’t choose any other EHR/Billing solution platform.”  

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Billing & Payments

Effortlessly collect faster and at higher rates

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Care Delivery

Increase time with patients, reduce documentation time, and maximize reimbursements

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