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When Bob Trotta bought Medical Claims Billing in 2015, its management processes needed to be revised and updated. Neither the company nor its clients had an integrated electronic health record (EHR)/practice management (PM) system. Additionally, there were minimal analytics, and reporting needed to be improved. He also wanted to find a way to automate repetitive tasks to free up his staff for higher-value activities.


Trotta recognized the potential benefits of implementing RPA solutions to enhance the claims process and automate manual tasks. By integrating RPA into its insurance claims processes, the organization automates various tasks, reduces human errors, and streamlines workflows. RPA benefits the organization by increasing efficiency and enhancing the client experience by simplifying the claims process and reducing frustrations associated with denied claims.


Using Tebra’s billing and payments solution has resulted in a 50% growth in new client opportunities in the pipeline and over a 21% increase in revenue from new clients. It is leveraging more than 14 customized client-specific rules to increase productivity and profitability for its clients. Using automation for ERA has resulted in over 80% of claims being posted without personnel intervention. MCB processes 25k claims monthly with Tebra, handling over $968k in reimbursements.

“Tebra's billing solution can provide a flexible and user-friendly solution for medical claims billing, regardless of the various systems and platforms used by our clients. Implementing RPA has significantly improved our operational efficiency, client satisfaction, and financial outcomes.”

Bob Trotta, Owner

Medical Claims Billing

Headquartered in New Jersey, Medical Claims Billing is a results-driven national medical billing services provider with solid credentials and the highest ethical standards to handle every aspect of medical billing, from charge entry to accounts receivable (AR) follow-up to electronic data interchange as well deep analytical reporting that is crucial to the success of clinics. With about 40 clients of varying sizes and medical specialties, its clients have high concentrations of providers in mental health, internal medicine, cardiology, and primary care. MCB is experienced and well-positioned to help practices succeed, increase revenue, and be more profitable.

Convenient and hassle-free experience managing payments and invoices

For over nine years, Medical Claims Billing has partnered with Tebra to streamline and improve the financial well-being of its clients. One of MCB’s main challenges was the inability of the previous management system to guide the workflow and productivity of the staff. That has now changed. Using Tebra Analytics and the dashboard features in Tebra’s Practice Operations system to pinpoint the issues needing addressing quickly, such as Denied or No Response claims, improved the efficiency of MCB’s staff.

Before switching to Tebra, none of Medical Claims Billing clients had an integrated EHR and practice management system; now, over 70% do. They now expect that all new clients they bring on will have an integrated EHR. This integration has enabled MCB to spend more time solving the inevitable problems with payers. Around a quarter of their clients (25%) use Tebra’s EHR. Tebra’s complete practice automation solution includes an integrated EHR and billing solution that enables providers to increase time with patients, reduce documentation time, and maximize reimbursements.

On the insurance side, MCB’s turnaround times have also improved. Payers pay much faster because they receive cleaner, more comprehensive information, making quicker decisions, and switching also allowed and pushed Medical Claims Billing to expand its service offerings.

Tebra provides billing companies with the tools to systemize workflows and create efficiencies that bring speed to payment, scalable growth, and maximized revenue.

More than 80,000 providers work with a billing company using Tebra’s platform. Tebra has everything a practice needs in one place. The platform includes end-to-end workflows and delivers deeper business insights that promote growth.

The right technology to automate and optimize

Trotta and his team determined that implementing RPA into Tebra’s billing solution would automate repetitive, rule-based tasks and processes, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and freeing staff to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

Tebra acquired PatientlySpeaking in 2021 to add RPA-powered capabilities for billing companies and medical practices. PatientlySpeaking was founded in 2011 with a mission to serve the medical community through automation technology and has generated millions of automated transactions for practices and billing companies across the country.

MCB uses more than 14 customized client-specific rules to improve productivity and save time. Once Tebra built the logic into the RPA bots, the process for electronic remittance advice (ERA) posting became much smoother, and using automation has resulted in over 80% of claims being posted without personnel intervention. In addition, it has resulted in more than a 10% reduction in time spent for the dedicated team of 8 account managers. For the denials that do require manual input, the MCB team can turn them around a lot faster. Tebra continues to build more interfaces on the claims entry side for MCB, which has helped improve process efficiency. One of MCB’s clients is a large laboratory, and due to the high volume of encounters, claim entry automation has been highly successful and beneficial.

Tebra processes more than 25k claims monthly for MCB clients, processing nearly $1 million in reimbursements. MCB plans to grow its business over the next few years and wants to add more automation to its workflows.

Tebra’s RPA offering comprises a versatile suite of billing and data integration tools empowered by automated bots. These bots possess a unique ability to interpret and process extensive file volumes, all customized to meet the specific demands of medical billing companies and independent practices. This RPA solution extends its advantages to billing companies catering to medical practices of any size.

By automating these labor-intensive tasks, billers are unburdened, enabling them to concentrate on business management and providing dedicated support to practices. Consequently, medical billing companies and direct medical practices are increasingly adopting RPA. They recognize the potential of RPA to enhance operations, mitigate risk, and enhance accuracy in areas such as insurance claims administration, billing workflows, and payment processes.

Tebra’s customized RPA capabilities can help organizations improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance accuracy, and ultimately achieve a better return on investment while saving valuable time.

A reliable partner you can count on

Due to Medical Claims Billing’s distinguished business acumen and demonstrated ability to help practices drive revenue, it was selected to participate in the Tebra Partner Connect program. Tebra Partner Connect takes the guesswork out of outsourced billing by matching practices with a trusted independent billing company that knows the Tebra platform. Practices can feel at ease knowing their billing partner understands their practice, medical specialty, and billing needs.

Over 1,600 billing companies across the United States trust Tebra as their billing software vendor. Leveraging Tebra’s technology delivers an automated, consumer-centric, unified solution for providers and billing companies.

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Effortlessly collect faster and at higher rates

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Dramatically increase productivity and profitability with intelligent automation.

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