August 29, 2023

New survey shows healthcare professionals still plan to leave jobs amidst staffing shortages and burnout

Survey explores the potential consequences of sleep deprivation and other post-COVID-19 challenges fueling today’s healthcare industry crisis

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – August 29, 2023 – Tebra, the leader in practice automation solutions for independent healthcare practices, has found that 77% of healthcare workers it surveyed online believe a healthcare crisis will occur within the next year due to understaffing and employee burnout, according to its report “Staffing shortages and sleep deprivation: The post-COVID healthcare crisis.” One of the most interesting findings is that 1 in 3 healthcare workers surveyed plan to leave their job within the next year, and 14% plan to leave the industry entirely. In addition, more than 1 in 3 healthcare workers surveyed responded that they have made a mistake at work due to lack of sleep. Tebra’s 2023 Staffing shortages and sleep deprivation: The post-COVID healthcare crisis report is available here.

“It is essential for healthcare organizations, policymakers, and professionals themselves to prioritize addressing staffing shortages and sleep deprivation to safeguard both the well-being of healthcare workers and the quality of patient care,” Kevin Marasco, chief marketing officer of Tebra, said. “Healthcare organizations need to prioritize the well-being of their workforce by implementing strategies to prevent burnout, such as improving work-life balance, providing emotional support, and fostering a positive work environment. Additionally, they should aim to attract and retain healthcare professionals by offering competitive compensation, professional development opportunities, and incentives for career advancement.”

Other notable findings include:

1. 73% of healthcare workers surveyed feel underpaid, and 59% feel unappreciated at work. The acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic drove many older medical professionals into retirement and created a whole new level of workplace demands for those who remain.

2. 60% of healthcare workers surveyed say they are currently short-staffed. Understaffing affects not only patient care standards but also the mental and physical health of overburdened medical workers.

3. Many medical professionals are simply exhausted; 35% of those surveyed have seen a co-worker fall asleep during a shift. 82% of healthcare workers surveyed say that patient care is what suffers most from sleep deprivation. 

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Tebra conducted the survey behind the 2023 Staffing shortages and sleep deprivation: A post-COVID healthcare crisis in the spring of 2023. Over 521 healthcare workers were surveyed online to explore their insights on the effects of sleep deprivation and staffing shortages in the healthcare industry. For the complete methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes, please contact Tebra.

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