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A new era of healthcare, a new world of practice well-being

We’re redefining practice success at the crossroads of compassion and connectivity.

Tebra [teh • bruh]

The name Tebra originates from “vertebra,” symbolizing our role as the technology backbone for practice success. Just as individual vertebrae come together to support the human body, our complete operating system supports practices, providers, and patients alike.

Tebra is the result of two companies joining forces to support the connected practice of the future

In 2021, PatientPop, a leader in practice growth technology, merged with Kareo, a leader in cloud-based clinical and financial software. Together, Tebra is committed to improving every step of the care journey for both providers and patients.

Practice Growth

Practice Growth

Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Care Delivery

Care Delivery

Billing & Payments

Billing & Payments

Data & Insights

Data & Insights

Built on the strength of Kareo and PatientPop

Practice Growth icon

Practice Growth

Grow your presence, attract more patients, and optimize for a digital world

Patient Experience icon

Patient Experience

Combine exceptional care with exceptional patient experience

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Care Delivery

Streamline in service of better patient care

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Billing & Payments

Effortlessly collect faster and at higher rates

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Data & Insights

Uncover opportunities for business growth and transformation

A message from our founders

Joining forces to support the connected practice of the future

Every one of us is a patient. Whether it’s regularly or occasionally, we all seek care.

Along the way, every one of us has encountered how impersonal and stressful the U.S. healthcare system can be. As patients, we often find personal, accessible relief at independent practices. But running an independent practice is challenging on its own — doing it amid administrative requirements and constantly evolving consumer expectations? Overwhelming to say the least.


As Tebra, our mission is to unlock better healthcare for every patient by getting your independent practice the right technology and support to thrive. In an industry marked by broken, disparate parts, and overstuffed with process, we are developing a single system that can truly be the backbone of practice success. An integrated experience that unites and eases each connection between patient and practice. We thank you for your trust and look forward to your feedback.

Dan Rodrigues

Luke Kervin

Travis Schneider



Kareo was founded and opened its first office in Irvine.


Kareo reached a milestone of 10,000 providers on the platform.


PatientPop was founded.

Kareo opened its office in Costa Rica.


PatientPop opened offices in Santa Monica, New York, and Las Vegas.


Kareo expanded offices to include San Diego.

PatientPop named one of America’s Best Businesses by Entrepreneur Magazine.

PatientPop named exclusive practice growth partner for Los Angeles County Medical Association.


Kareo processed more than $25 billion in insurance claims.


Kareo and PatientPop announced merger to form Tebra.


Kareo and PatientPop recognized by Built In’s 2022 Esteemed Places to Work in Los Angeles.

Tebra officially launched to more than 100,000 providers helping 85 million patients in the U.S.

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