Exclusive patient insights to propel your practice forward

Tebra's 5th annual Patient Perspective survey, which gathered insights from over 1,300 patients nationwide, reveals a crucial divide: 47% of patients have left practices due to poor experiences, while 61% remain loyal thanks to excellent care.

To aid independent providers in enhancing their practices, Tebra offers actionable insights for achieving business goals through patient-centered care in 2024. Join Andrea Curry and Bianca Wollman in a virtual session to explore these insights, learning how to boost patient loyalty, utilize digital tools, differentiate from competitors, and provide exceptional patient experiences.

Our speakers

Kevin Marasco
Director, Content Marketing and Operations
As Tebra's Director of Content Marketing, Andrea Curry innovatively combines storytelling, data analytics, and SEO to help independent practices get the tools and resources they need to start, run, and grow their business. She’s an award-winning marketing leader, author, and former reporter/editor who draws on extensive research and surveys to guide healthcare providers toward strategies that resonate with modern patients.
Bianca Wollman
Senior Manager, Customer Marketing at Tebra
As the Senior Manager of Customer Marketing, Bianca manages practice-facing marketing initiatives. As part of her role, she regularly provides strategic recommendations and counsel for healthcare practices.

Webinar highlights

  • How to foster patient loyalty
  • How to use digital healthcare tools effectively
  • How to stand out from the competition
  • How to deliver a top-notch patient experience