Independent Provider Playbook

5 ways to beat hospitals and corporations at their own game

In October 2023, Tebra surveyed patients and healthcare providers to understand how independent providers could compete in a world filled with health systems and corporate entities offering similar care options. What we found? 57% of patients will switch to independent providers for more personalized care. This playbook provides survey insights and outlines five actionable strategies for independent providers to enhance their competitiveness, including:
Strong patient-provider relationships
Enhanced digital experiences
Easy practice accessibility
Improved staff satisfaction
Growing patient panels

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About the study:

Tebra conducted two surveys behind the Independent Provider Playbook. The patient results are from an online survey of 1,146 respondents, while the provider results are from an online survey of 101 respondents.

Patients reported seeing a mix of health system-based providers, independent practice providers, and corporate-based providers. Providers surveyed followed the same mix.

What you’ll get

Who patients prefer most

Independent and health system-based providers were neck in neck, but when asked where they experienced better quality of care, patients preferred independent practice providers.

Where doctors and patients agree

Patients and doctors ranked the same top three qualities that equal a strong patient-doctor relationship – trustworthiness, active listening, and strong communication.

Transformative digital experiences

61% of patients report choosing health system-based providers for digital convenience. You can offer patients the digital convenience they’ve come to expect more easily than you think.

Optimized practice accessibility

46% of patients found it more challenging to book appointments with independent practices. Don’t just make it easy to book appointments – make it easy to find you, locate a lab, and pay.