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The only complete EHR for independent practices

Tebra’s EHR+ is everything you need for individualized care plus online scheduling, reputation management, patient feedback and much more in one platform.
Exclusively for private practice
Designed for small, independent, private clinics. 100% of our clients are private practitioners.
Easiest and friendliest EHR
“I learned to use it in one day and would say it’s one of the easiest EMR out there.” - Graciela R., Tebra customer
Transparent and flexible pricing
Unlike our competitors, we offer direct quotes on our pricing page. No sales talks required.

Provide quality care that's fully secure and HIPAA-compliant

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Simplify admin workflows, streamline billing cycles, and elevate patient care with Tebra

Do these issues sap your energy, as they do for the thousands of providers managing practices we've spoken to?

This is precisely why we created Tebra: to make your job easier, improve care, and give you back a fulfilling life outside of work.

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Legacy, fragmented healthcare software

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    Incompatibility and manual integrations

    Extra steps and manual workarounds lead to wasted time and errors.

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    Pain to use

    Clunky interfaces might seem minor. Yet, they result in anxiety and burnout among staff.

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    Rigid and slow adaptation

    It could take months to get started, plus another year to train your team.

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Tebra's new era of integrated software

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    An all-in-one platform — plus integrations

    Get EHR, RCM, and scheduling in one platform + over 130 healthcare systems integrations.

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    “Tebra is super user friendly.”

    That’s what our customers say. 2,400+ reviews highlight ease of use as Tebra's major advantage.

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    Quick installation and file conversion

    We’ll help move your files from cabinets or other software to the Tebra cloud. Yes, that’s for real.

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The 3 essential pillars of healthcare software

Optimize your practice efficiency and reduce administrative burdens


Deliver quality care

Tebra’s EHR gives you a clear view of complete patient histories and prescriptions. You'll spend less time searching and more time caring, enhancing both practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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Billing and payments

Collect payments faster, effortlessly.

Simplified billing and payments. Managing insurance claims and patient payments becomes seamless, reducing admin time and boosting cash flow for your practice's financial health.

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Patient experience

Top off your quality care with a stellar experience

Create an online experience as welcoming as your clinic. Effortless scheduling and clear communication reflect your care in every detail, encouraging happy patients to return and share their positive experiences.

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Manage your practice all in one place

This is how we redefine medical software. No more disparate, disconnected systems that simply don't work together.

Need to connect your systems? No worries.
Tebra integrates with over 130 of them.

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Full security and HIPAA compliance

/ 5.0
150,000 Providers Trust
“This software is an invaluable benefit.”
95% boost in online appointment requests, 80% growth in new patients, and more than 30% of patients use telehealth appointments to receive remote care.
Dr. Woodrow “Anthony” Roeback, PhD
Mind Body and Spirit Counseling Services
50% of patients now book online
and complete their intake forms in advance, which then auto-populate in Tebra’s EHR, freeing staff hours and reducing patient wait times.
Nosa Aigbe Lebarty, MD
CentralMed Urgent and Primary Care
2-3 times more patients per week
are served, alongside processing over 100 payments monthly, after implementing Tebra’s EHR and billing solutions.
Stephen T. H. Gutu, MD Owner, President
Pediatric Neurology Divine Solutions, PLLC

More than 42,000 practices in the United States are growing with Tebra. Now it's your turn.

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