May 22, 2023

DeNova eliminates 80 hours of work per month using Tebra’s Complete Operating System

Kentucky-based behavioral health and psychotherapy practice leverages Tebra to automate business operations and attract new patients

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – May 22, 2023 – Tebra, a leader in practice growth technology and cloud-based clinical and financial software, today announced that DeNova Behavioral Health, a practice with multiple locations in Central Kentucky, is leveraging Tebra’s complete operating system for practice well-being. The Tebra platform is built on the strength of both Kareo and PatientPop. DeNova uses Tebra Clinical and Billing solutions to support its clinical workflow and get paid faster. It also uses Tebra Practice Growth technology to grow its web presence and attract new patients.

Clinical director Louis Hairston chose Tebra’s integrated EHR and billing platform because of its simplicity and efficacy. DeNova offers a variety of services, and its growing number of providers find the electronic health record (EHR) easy to use and adaptable to the type of care they each provide. The practice currently processes more than 23,000 patient bills annually, so it was imperative to use a product that could handle the volume and process claims quicker. With Tebra Robotic Process Automation (RPA), DeNova office staff has eliminated 16 to 20 hours per week on manual and repetitive billing tasks. Using RPA, the practice saves on operational costs, such as labor, every month.

DeNova began to use Tebra Practice Growth technology less than a year ago and has already seen a tremendous increase in new business. The practice opened in 2018 with 6 patients and now sees roughly 700 per month. It has generated almost 9,000 website visits over a 6-month period. The solution has also helped simplify how patients provide feedback and has generated 102 new reviews that improved the practice’s average star rating on Google. Using Tebra’s SEO support, it also achieved 24 #1 rankings across Google for important mental health therapy search queries. In addition, the practice has established 35 backlinks.

“I’m extremely appreciative of the services and support that we receive from Tebra,” Louis Hairston, clinical director, DeNova, said. “Leveraging Tebra’s RPA has been instrumental in freeing up our time to focus on other tasks so we can deliver quality care to our patients.”

“It’s gratifying to see how DeNova has flourished using Tebra’s integrated platform,” Andrea Kowalski, senior vice president of product for Tebra, said. “We’re proud to provide the digital tools to enhance operations and look forward to supporting its future business growth.”

Kareo and PatientPop announced they merged in 2021 to form Tebra. The combined company’s mission is to equip independent practices with digital tools to deliver modernized care. The all-in-one solution helps providers support and attract new patients, get paid quickly, and operate more efficiently. 

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About DeNova Behavioral Health

DeNova Behavioral Health is a trusted behavioral health and psychotherapy serving the patients of Central Kentucky. To support each person’s journey, the exceptional team at DeNova includes medical providers, counselors, social workers, case managers, and psychiatric providers who welcome clients from adolescents to adults and seniors at their offices. DeNova is a full-service mental health provider. To learn more about the services they offer, visit www.denovabh.com.

About Tebra

In 2021, with a combined mission to unlock better healthcare, Kareo and PatientPop joined forces to form Tebra — the operating system for the connected practice of the future. With an all-in-one, purpose-built platform to drive practice success and modernize every step of the patient journey, Tebra provides digital tools and support to attract new patients, deliver modern care, get paid quickly, and operate efficiently. To learn more how Tebra is committed to improving the success and well-being of both patients and providers, visit www.tebra.com

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