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ICD-10 Code G89.4

What is the code G89.4?

G89.4 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code used for "Chronic pain syndrome." This code falls under the chapter concerning diseases of the nervous system.

Detailed description of G89.4

This code represents a condition where pain persists beyond the normal time of healing, suggesting a different pathological process from acute pain. Chronic pain syndrome is characterized not only by the pain's persistence but also by significant psychological and behavioral changes.

Symptoms commonly associated with G89.4

  • Persistent pain that may be described as burning, aching, or sharp
  • Emotional effects including depression, anxiety, and irritability
  • Sleep disturbances due to pain
  • Fatigue is often exacerbated by poor sleep quality
  • Decreased participation in daily activities
  • G89.0: Central pain syndrome
  • G89.1: Acute pain, not elsewhere classified
  • G89.2: Chronic pain, not elsewhere classified
  • G89.3: Neoplasm related pain (acute) (chronic)

Appropriate usage of G89.4 for billing

G89.4 should be used when the patient's condition meets the criteria for chronic pain syndrome, where pain leads to significant functional impairment and psychological distress.

Instructional guidelines for providers coding G89.4

Category G89 includes an important instructional note that applies to all codes within this category. The note instructs the coder to “Code also related psychological factors associated with pain (F45.42)”. The sequencing of these 2 codes will depend on the reason for the encounter. If the primary reason for the encounter is to manage the pain, the G89 code should be sequenced first. However, if the primary reason for the encounter is to manage the mental health disorder, the appropriate mental health code should be sequenced first. 

If the specific condition causing the pain is known, use the appropriate code for that condition rather than assigning a pain code from category G89. The exception to this rule is when the purpose of the encounter is pain control or management rather than managing the underlying condition. 

Category G89 pain codes can be assigned as the primary diagnosis in such cases. These encounters do not involve diagnosing or treating the underlying cause of the pain; instead, they primarily focus on pain management. However, if the root cause of the pain is known, it should be reported as an additional diagnosis.

Documentation should include detailed descriptions of the pain characteristics, duration, associated symptoms, and impact on the patient’s daily functioning. It's important to differentiate chronic pain syndrome from other types of pain and note the psychological component. 

Common pitfalls in coding with G89.4

  • Misusing this code for acute pain or for pain that does not meet the full criteria for chronic pain syndrome.
  • Failing to document the comprehensive impact of the pain on the patient's psychological and physical health.

Key resources for G89.4 coding


The ICD-10-CM code G89.4 is crucial for accurately documenting cases of chronic pain syndrome, ensuring patients receive appropriate interdisciplinary management to address both the physical and psychological aspects of their condition.

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