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Editorial Standards

Editorial guidelines: Why trust The Intake?

At The Intake, our mission is to deliver the latest and impartial news and insights on the topics that concern independent healthcare professionals. Our information is free from outside interests, and a team of medical and business experts thoroughly vets and reviews each article to ensure accuracy. That means you can trust that the information published on The Intake.

Content creation process

At The Intake, we take our content seriously. Before any article is published, it goes through a thorough editorial process. We only work with professional writers who are either journalists, academics, or highly vetted subject matter experts. They conduct thorough research, including interviews and surveys, to provide comprehensive information on a topic.

Once an article is complete, our team of medical or business experts ensures that it is factually accurate. Finally, the article is given to an editor for a second round of fact-checking and to ensure that it is written in a clear, easy-to-understand format. At The Intake, we are committed to providing reliable, accurate, and informative content.

Sources and attribution

Our content creation process involves thorough research from primary sources and interviews with subject matter experts. Our writers and editorial team diligently cite all sources within the article to ensure credibility and accuracy.


All content is reviewed twice before publishing — by a subject matter expert and an editor. We require all data, statistics, and references to be cited and explained so you understand exactly where the information comes from. You can review who fact-checked the article and read about their expertise by looking at the top of the article.


The Intake is part of Tebra, whose mission is to unlock better healthcare for every patient by getting your independent practice the right technology and support to thrive. Advertisers or third-party interests never influence the content on The Intake.

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