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Why we started The Intake

It’s a common sentiment we often hear: Independent practices are always working in their business, rarely on their business.

That’s because they’re getting squeezed. 

There’s the hamster wheel of paperwork and data entry, chasing down patient payments while juggling no-shows, endless hours on the phones, and disparate systems that don’t talk to each other often creating bottlenecks for medical billing work. 

Add to all of that the entrance of big tech into the healthcare space, expanding regulations, and shrinking profit margins. The result is severe burnout and nearly three-quarters of physicians working in a hospital system or corporate entity, and massive consolidation of independent practices.

Studies have shown independent doctors have closer relationship with their patients often resulting in better patient care outcomes, and they experience lower levels of burnout.

It’s clear that independent healthcare practices need more than just the latest clinical information, they need resources dedicated to the business of running a practice.

That’s why we started The Intake

With The Intake, we’re on a mission to bring you comprehensive and unbiased reporting, interviews, and news on everything you need to know about running an independent healthcare practice. 

No fluff. No filler. No hidden agenda (you can read more about our editorial standards here). 

Join us on The Intake to stay informed and inspired to run your independent practice.

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