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ICD-10 Code Z00.00

What is the code Z00.00?

Z00.00 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code used for "General adult medical examination without abnormal findings." This code is part of the chapter on Factors influencing health status and contact with health services.

Detailed description of Z00.00

This code is applied when an adult undergoes a general medical examination that results in no abnormal findings being documented. It is typically used for routine health check-ups.

Symptoms commonly associated with Z00.00

As Z00.00 is used for routine exams, it does not relate to specific symptoms but rather to the absence of health issues.

  • Z00.01: General adult medical examination with abnormal findings
  • Z00.8: Encounter for other general examinations
  • Z00.1 Encounter for newborn, infant, and child health examinations

Appropriate usage of Z00.00 for billing

Z00.00 should be used for billing purposes when a general medical examination is conducted and no health issues are identified. It confirms the preventive or routine nature of the visit.

Instructional guidelines for providers coding Z00.00

Providers should ensure the examination is comprehensive and document that no abnormal findings have been observed. This code should only be used if the patient exhibits no symptoms or complaints.

Common pitfalls in coding with Z00.00

  • Incorrect use of Z00.00 when there are abnormal findings that should be coded separately.
  • Using Z00.00 for targeted examinations rather than general health checks.

Key resources for Z00.00 coding


Z00.00 is crucial for documenting routine health examinations where no abnormalities are found, ensuring that such preventive visits are correctly coded and billed. This supports ongoing health monitoring and preventive care initiatives.

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