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ICD-10 Code R53.83

Other fatigue

What is the code R53.83?

R53.83 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code used for "Other fatigue." This code is included in the chapter concerning symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified.

Detailed description of R53.83

This code captures instances of fatigue that are not due to normal exertion or other clearly defined medical conditions. It is commonly used when patients report excessive tiredness that impacts their daily activities but does not fall under more specific fatigue-related diagnoses.

Symptoms commonly associated with R53.83

  • Chronic tiredness or lethargy not alleviated by rest
  • Reduced energy levels affecting daily functionality
  • General sense of unwellness without apparent cause
  • R53.81: Other malaise
  • R53.82: Chronic fatigue, unspecified

Appropriate usage of R53.83 for billing

R53.83 is appropriate for use when the medical documentation specifies that the patient is experiencing fatigue that does not meet the criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome or isn’t linked to another medical condition.

Instructional guidelines for providers coding R53.83

Document the patient's described symptoms of fatigue, including duration and impact on daily activities. Ensure no other medical condition explains the fatigue before using this code.

R53.83 includes a Type 2 exclusion for the code category F32, exhaustion and fatigue due to a depressive episode. Review whether this code category, or both code categories apply.

Common pitfalls in coding with R53.83

  • Using R53.83 when a more specific cause of fatigue can be diagnosed.
  • Lack of thorough documentation that details the extent and impact of the fatigue.

Key resources for R53.83 coding


The code R53.83 is essential for accurately documenting cases of unspecified fatigue, aiding healthcare providers in managing symptoms effectively and facilitating correct billing practices.

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