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5 healthcare providers who have nailed social media

These providers know how to attract patients with social media and keep them engaged.

Medical provider looks at examples of social media in healthcare marketing

At a Glance

  • Practices can leverage social media platforms to reach a broad audience and engage with current and prospective patients.
  • Millions of followers aren’t needed to effectively use social media; the focus should be on building authentic connections with audiences.
  • The healthcare providers mentioned here have effectively used social media to grow their practices.

If you balk at incorporating healthcare providers' social media into your marketing strategy, you’re not alone. After all, for years you tried to avoid mindless scrolling so you could get to where you are today. Why start now? The last thing any provider wants is a rash DM or a comment section full of refill requests. 

But social media is an effective tool with which to grow your practice. It’s straightforward to implement, relatively inexpensive, and, when done correctly, can deliver a high return on investment (ROI).

In this guide, you'll learn about tips for building a social media presence — along with 5 examples of practices to draw inspiration from.

Patient Perspectives Report

Who logs on to look for a doctor?

Consider this: in 2022, over 270 million Americans, or 89.1% of the population, used social media of some form.

Social media isn’t just for the youngest generations, either. According to Pew Research Center, the demographic breakdown of people with at least 1 social media profile is:

  • 18–29: 84%
  • 30–49: 81% 
  • 50–64: 73%
  • 65+: 45%

When you consider how entrenched social media is across every age group — and how often people head online to research healthcare and providers — it’s clear that creating profiles for your practice is a smart move. 

What to keep in mind when building your social media presence

Using social media for your practice is a golden opportunity to connect with prospects, keep patients coming back, and build your online reputation. Here are some tips to consider when building your social presence.

Choose the right platforms

The first step is to determine which social media platforms to focus on. When making this decision it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Quality and consistency are key to a successful medical practice social media strategy — not to mention your overall practice marketing strategy. A strong, consistent presence on a single platform is better than a weak presence on many.
  • Determine where your target patient population spends their online hours — and where it makes sense to focus your efforts.
  • Different social media platforms can be used for different purposes, such as patient outreach (Facebook, Instagram), professional networking (LinkedIn), and behind-the-scenes content and vlogs (YouTube).

Once you determine which platforms to focus on, register for an account and make sure to designate it as a “business” account. Keep your handle, logo, bio, and any other basic information about your practice consistent, if not identical, across profiles.

Provide a mix of content

Consider balancing promotional content (such as patient testimonials or discounts on services) with educational and engagement-focused content (like health tips and interactive Q&A sessions).

Posting only one type of content every day could lead to your audience members tuning you out — so it's important to make an effort in sharing various types of posts.

Track performance with KPIs

Developing key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial for business success — and setting ones for social media should not be forgotten. Consider creating social media KPIs around engagement rate, follower growth, and conversion rate (i.e., how many followers are actually becoming patients). Setting effective metrics can help you refine your social media strategies over time.

Optimize Operations

Here’s the good news: You don’t need millions of followers

Unless you’re harboring secret ambitions to become an influencer or make your living peddling your favorite scrubs, your profile doesn’t need to gain tons of followers. While insta-famous physicians like Dr. Mike boast millions of followers, it’s important to remember that these docs aren’t trying to grow their practice as much as build their own personal brand. 

One million followers who don’t live in the area you serve and don’t need the services you offer won’t do your practice any good. Instead of trying to cast a wide net for clicks and likes, think of your social media presence as an extension of your practice and a way to engage with and educate current and prospective patients on the healthcare topics about which they care most. 

Not sure what this looks like in real life? The following 5 healthcare providers and practices have #nailedit.

Dr. Tyler Hanks

Dr. Hanks is a pediatric dentist with a practice in the Salt Lake City area. A big believer in developing trust with his patients, Dr. Hanks uses social media to give prospective families a good sense of his practice. He also shares his thoughts about dental care for kids. He discusses issues related to dental health and links to his practice’s website where patients can schedule appointments, learn about him, and order the toothpaste he created. 

By using humor, bright colors, and branding, Dr. Hanks and his team have created a consistent presence across different platforms that engages and attracts local families with young kids. 

Instagram: @happytoothslc

Facebook: Happy Tooth SLC

BB Aesthetic Wellness Center

BB Aesthetic is a medical spa practice in Gahanna, Ohio, that specializes in medical treatments that promote health and well-being. The practice employs physicians, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, and aestheticians.

BB Aesthetic uses Instagram to showcase patient before and after pictures, success stories, and testimonials. Its Facebook page covers its offered services and any special sales. Both platforms link to the practice’s website where patients can learn about the team, popular and new treatments, and promotions.  

Instagram: @bb_aesthetic

Facebook: BB Aesthetic

The Healthy Human Direct Primary Care

With 2 locations in Ashland and Blair, Nebraska, the Healthy Human Direct Primary Care shows how social media can spread the word about a growing practice. 

The Healthy Human offers primary care for the whole family. It uses Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with its community, introduce new practitioners and staff, and publicize special events and clinic pop-ups. 

The practice offers primary care based on a membership direct pay model, as well as select medical spa services. So it also uses social platforms to educate prospective patients about the full range of care and services available. 

Instagram: @healthyhumandpc

Bakersfield Pediatrics

Just like the name implies, Bakersfield Pediatrics is a practice dedicated to providing the best possible care to the children of Bakersfield, California. Like Dr. Hanks, Bakersfield Pediatrics uses social media platforms to extend its ability to educate and connect with the parents of local children. 

In addition to making the practice’s providers seem accessible and friendly to parents of patients, the social media profiles feature educational tips, developmental milestones, positive reviews from current patients, and interesting facts. Their Facebook page makes it simple to find information about the practice’s hours and how to get in touch to schedule an appointment. 

Jamaa Birth Village 

Jamaa Birth Village provides culturally congruent midwifery and postpartum care to families in the greater St. Louis, Missouri region. The practice uses Instagram and Facebook to educate, inform, empower, and inspire the community it serves. In the practice’s feeds, you can find posts about everything from recipes for iron-rich smoothies to videos about the role of doulas during labor and the legacy of Black midwives. 

By addressing just about every topic connected to maternal health, birth, postpartum wellness, and parenting on social media, Jamaa Birth Village has established itself as a trusted source of information where patients can find answers, reassurance, and exceptional holistic care. 

Start small, dream big

Online marketing for doctors is essential in the digital age. For healthcare providers looking to craft a practice brand, social media is the perfect avenue to create and disseminate shareable content that is relevant to your practice, specialty, and patients. 

As a healthcare provider marketing your practice online, social media can also maximize your content strategy. Blogging on healthcare services, trends, or topics of patient concern will allow your website to show more prominently in search results. Sharing links to these posts on social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok will offer an additional way for patients to find you online.

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