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15 best medical practice Facebook pages

Use these medical pages on Facebook as inspiration as you craft your page to reflect your branding and services. 

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At a Glance

  • The medical practice Facebook pages on this list demonstrate effective patient engagement through informative and branded content, contact information, and frequent posting.
  • To increase engagement, it is suggested that practices post regularly, provide practical health information, interact with followers, establish consistent branding, and encourage patients and staff to like/follow the page.
  • It’s beneficial for practices to provide staff introductions, appointment booking tools, reviews, and more that establish expertise while also connecting with patients on a personal level.

As of the 3rd quarter of 2023, there are roughly 3 billion active users on Facebook, making it the most popular social network globally.

Aside from sharing posts and messaging family and friends, many use Facebook to follow their favorite musicians, brands, businesses, and even medical practices. Many medical practices share helpful tips, updates, and other pertinent information with their patients and the surrounding community to inform and drive business on their Facebook business pages. 

We have combed through hundreds of medical practice Facebook pages to provide excellent examples of practices putting effort into patient engagement on social media to increase traffic to their business. 

To select the best medical practice pages, we examined the look and feel of the page and how regularly the practice shared informative posts. In addition, we chose pages with a setup that easily allows patients to find the practice’s hours, website, and contact information. We also looked at the practice’s reviews and how often patients engaged on the page.

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15 best medical pages on Facebook

Below is the list of our top picks for the best medical pages on Facebook to inspire your practice when designing an engaging medical page on this social media platform.

1. Dixon Center for Integrative Healthcare

The Dixon Center for Integrative Healthcare’s Facebook page has eye-catching visuals and shares posts nearly every day. Their feed is a mixture of helpful tips, holiday observations, promotion of services, and photos of staff and patients, which adds a personal touch to their page.

2. Houdeshell Chiropractic, LLC

This visually appealing medical practice Facebook page delivers weekly videos or Reels and static posts tailored to patients. The practice shares many educational posts and photos of their patients and staff, giving the page a personal touch. 

This practice shares many educational posts and photos of their patients and staff, giving the page a personal touch. ”

3. Boyer Family Practice

This practice makes it easy for new and current patients to contact them by providing their phone number, address, and website on their page’s banner. They provide nearly daily posts on their providers and walk-in availability to keep patients up-to-date.

They also provide  “Call Now” and messaging buttons at the top of their page to give visitors a quick way to contact their practice.

4. Women4Women OBGYN

Women4Women OBGYN sticks to their branding, making their Facebook page look clean and cohesive. They share daily posts about their medical services and provide before and after photos to show patients the results of their work. This practice displays all their contact info on their homepage and gives visitors the option to call them directly from the page with a clickable “Call Now” link.

5. Integrative Health & Wellness

Integrative Health & Wellness makes it easy for patients to contact them by providing their phone number in the banner. Also, to put a face to the practice, they have included one of their physicians in the banner, which gives patients an idea of who they’ll see when receiving healthcare.

Their news feed provides information about their medical services, before and after photos, and reviews from satisfied patients

6. Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center

This medical practice draws you to their Facebook page with a picture of an adorable baby on their banner. They deliver weekly posts on all things pediatrics, including news articles, tips, vaccination reminders, and some entertaining posts. 

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7. Charlotte Plastic Surgery

The intro is often the first place visitors look at on a Facebook page — and this practice nails it. In their intro, they’ve discussed how they’ve won best practice in Charlotte for 8 consecutive years — which is one way to boost interest in your practice.

They’re constantly sharing Reels of their physicians, before and after photos, and patient journeys. ”

In addition, they’re constantly sharing Reels of their physicians, before and after photos, and patient journeys. This gives page visitors a “behind-the-scenes” look at what the staff and patients experience at this practice, which can also drive engagement. 

8. Lander Chiropractic

Good branding is vital to social media user engagement, which this chiropractic practice delivers. They stick to their branding while posting daily content that is engaging, informative, and even entertaining. You’ll find photos of the staff, brief explainers about their services, and community events they host.

9. Family Wellness Chiropractic Center - Corpus Christi

With a professional and well-designed banner, this medical practice provides all the contact information patients need without scrolling the page. The practice has also listed awards they’ve earned in their banner to boost their credibility. 

To communicate quickly with current or potential patients, they’ve added a “Learn More” button and have messaging on their platform. They deliver informative and fun weekly posts showcasing their young patients, services offered, and educational information.

10. All Starr Pediatrics

Instead of using their logo or a copyright-free photo of patients, All Starr Pediatrics includes a picture of their practice on their Facebook page banner. They’ve provided a short but simple introduction to their practice and a “Call Now” button that patients can use to contact their office. 

The practice shares almost daily posts regarding child safety and health tips, holiday observances, provider introductions, awareness days/months, and fun pictures of staff.

11. Tao to Wellness

Tao to Wellness includes a brief list of their services and a “Book Now” button that takes patients to a calendar to book an appointment. Several posts share details about the provider’s educational and professional background on this practice’s Facebook page.

Each post ends with a call to action, with the practice including their phone number, website, and address so patients can easily reach them. ”

With an almost daily posting schedule, the practice shares tips about acupuncture and promotes their services. Each post ends with a call to action (CTA), with the practice including their phone number, website, and address so patients can easily reach them. 

12. LA Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

Some patients want to know more about their providers — so they follow them on social media. This practice regularly posts content about their primary provider. The provider shares her journey to medicine in static posts and goes over medical procedures she offers in Reels. 

13. DeMoss Chiropractic

When you visit DeMoss Chiropractic’s page, you’ll be welcomed to a banner showing 2 jovial providers ready to service patients. This practice takes a different approach to the typical “Call Now” button on their home page. They’ve included a “Watch Now” button, which redirects patients to a YouTube page on their channel showing their providers adjusting young patients. 

As you scroll through their page, you’ll find many videos of the providers working with patients and sharing patient success stories.

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14. Martin Medical Center P.C.

Your medical practice page doesn’t have to be extravagant to draw in patients — and this practice proves that. They’ve included a short intro to their page that explains who they are and what they do for patients.

They’ve included their address, phone number, email, website, and office hours. Their post feed contains provider introductions, health facts, service offerings, and some fun memes. 

15. Victory Health Partners

For patients looking for Christ-based healthcare, this practice is upfront about the type of care they deliver within their intro. Their post feed includes branded content showing what the staff and providers do inside and outside the practice. 

With each post, they link to their website and add hashtags, which can help bring more attention to their medical practice Facebook page. 

How to get more engagement on your practice’s Facebook page

After reviewing some of the best medical pages on Facebook, you likely feel motivated to create or revamp your page.

To help you improve your Facebook page for better engagement, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Use social media sites to help establish and promote your brand. Be consistent across your website and social channels with your look and feel.
  2. Once you create your pages, email your patients, encouraging them to “like” and “follow” you on Facebook. You can also link your practice’s Facebook page on your website, on business cards, and in your email signatures. Encourage your staff to “like” and “follow” your practice and share content.
  3. Build your presence by liking and following influencers in your community and groups related to your specialty (e.g., local cancer support groups if you are an oncologist).
  4. Post regularly and provide practical, informative, and actionable content for patients. A blog (or other dynamic content) on your website can make this easier. Including tools on social media sites that allow people to request an appointment and write or view reviews is also a great way to engage people.
  5. Interact with your social media followers. Reply to their comments and like their posts. If someone brings up personal health information, take it offline as quickly as possible.
  6. Make your posts both professional and social — patients want to be able to connect on a personal level with your practice, so don’t be afraid to share the accomplishments of staff members or pictures from around the office. But also, don’t forget that as a doctor, you are a trusted source of information for your patients, so it’s essential to keep it professional.

Gaining organic traffic to your Facebook page requires some knowledge of efficient marketing to attract your target audience. The above–mentioned practices have found ways to tailor their page — from the introduction to the posts — to catch their patients’ eyes and encourage them to interact with their content. 

Use these medical pages on Facebook as inspiration as you craft your page to reflect your branding and services. 

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