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Terri Joy

Terri Joy, BSHCA, MBA, CPC-1, is an expert with over 25 years of experience in physician coding, billing compliance, and revenue cycle management (RCM). She is currently a consultant providing a variety of physician coding, compliance, and RCM services. Terri Joy is also a technical editor at AAPC. Over her career, she has worked with 4 major university faculty practices and is the author of E&M Coding Clear and Simple (F.A. David, 2013).

  • Masters of Business Administration, healthcare administration

  • Bachelor's degree, health/health care administration/management

  • Approved ICD-10-CM trainer

  • Certified general surgery coder (CGSC)

  • Certified outpatient hospital coder (COC)

  • Certified professional coding instructor (CPC-I)

  • Certified professional coder (CPC)

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value based reimbursement
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modifier 33
Coding rules for modifier 33 and modifier PT

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