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ICD-10 Code Z79.899

Other long-term (current) drug therapy

What is the code Z79.899?

Z79.899 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code used for "Other long-term (current) drug therapy." This code is part of the chapter on factors influencing health status and contact with health services.

Detailed description of Z79.899

This code indicates that a patient is on long-term medication being used therapeutically or prophylactically that does not fit more specific codes within the Z79 category.

Symptoms commonly associated with Z79.899

There are no specific symptoms associated with Z79.899 as it pertains to the long-term medication use itself rather than a medical condition. The medications being taken under this code may be for a variety of chronic conditions that require ongoing treatment.

  • Z79.01: Long term (current) use of anticoagulants
  • Z79.02: Long term (current) use of antithrombotics/antiplatelets
  • Z79.4: Long term (current) use of insulin

Appropriate usage of Z79.899 for billing

Z79.899 should be used for billing purposes when a patient is taking medication on a long-term basis and the specific drug or drug category is not specified by other Z79 codes.

Instructional guidelines for providers coding Z79.899

Providers should ensure that the patient’s medical record accurately reflects the long-term use of medications, specifying the drug when possible. If the medication falls under a more specific subcategory of Z79, use that code instead of Z79.899.

Medications prescribed on an as-needed (PRN) basis should not be assigned codes from category Z79, Long-term (current) drug therapy.

When assigning Z79.899, use an additional code for any therapeutic drug level monitoring (Z51.81).

Common pitfalls in coding with Z79.899

  • Using Z79.899 when a more specific long-term medication use code is applicable.
  • Failing to update the medical records if the patient’s long-term medication therapy changes.

Key resources for Z79.899 coding


Z79.899 is a useful code for documenting the long-term use of medications when a more specific long-term medication use code is not applicable, facilitating the management of patients’ ongoing treatments. Proper use of this code ensures that medical billing accurately reflects the patient’s health care services, supporting optimal care and compliance with health care reporting requirements.

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