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Weighing in on employee benefits: Employees demand weight loss coverage

Explore the rising demand for weight-loss drugs in health plans with insights from Tebra’s latest employee survey.

tebra survey on weight loss drug benefits

Our latest Tebra survey reveals a significant shift in employee health benefit trends, highlighting a strong demand for the inclusion of weight-loss drugs.

As health and wellness increasingly intersect with daily work life, the conversation around employee benefits is evolving rapidly. Amid this shift, a new focus has emerged: the inclusion of weight-loss drugs in employee health benefit plans. This topic, once sidelined, is now at the forefront of discussions among full-time employees since medications like Wegovy, Ozempic, and Zepbound have hit the market.

To gauge the pulse of this emerging trend, Tebra surveyed 1,017 full-time workers. This study sheds light on this complex issue, offering insights into what full-time employees think about including weight-loss drugs in their health plans.

Key takeaways

  • 52% of employees surveyed want weight-loss drugs included in their health benefits. 
  • Nearly 1 in 10 remote workers surveyed would return to the office if it meant weight-loss drugs would be included in their benefits.
  • 1 in 16 employees surveyed would give up vacation days to have weight-loss drugs included in their benefits.

Employee perspectives on health coverage

In the ever-evolving terrain of workplace wellness, the chorus for more inclusive health benefits grows louder, with a notable spotlight on weight-loss drug coverage. Our latest findings tap into the collective voice of the workforce, uncovering how they value comprehensive health benefits that align with their personal health goals.

The inclusion of weight-loss drugs in employee health benefits

As workplace health benefits come under scrutiny, 52% of employees we surveyed are pushing for weight-loss drug inclusion in their health packages. In a striking nod to the value they place on such benefits, nearly 1 in 10 remote workers reported they would consider returning to the office if weight-loss medications were covered. Furthermore, demonstrating the lengths to which employees value these benefits, some are even willing to forgo vacation days, with 1 in 16 respondents opting for health over holidays.

Industry-specific desires also highlight this issue: 21% of transportation and logistics report these benefits already, while 65% of government employees and 59% in education express a desire for such inclusion. This demand is notably higher among women, with 59% in favor compared to 47% of men, highlighting a gender disparity in health benefit preferences.

Many full-time employees would also like their employer-sponsored health plans to include:

  • Dental care coverage (77%)
  • Vision care coverage (70%)
  • Mental health services (69%)
  • Paid sick leave (62%)
  • Wellness programs (61%)
  • Maternity/paternity leave (52%)
  • Preventive health screenings (51%)

The demand for weight-loss benefits

Our insights reveal a clear call for including weight-loss drugsa sentiment over half of the surveyed workforce echoed. Employers now face the pivotal task of aligning health benefits with the holistic wellness demands of their workforce. Companies that heed these calls may not only see a more satisfied workforce but could also pave the way for a healthier, more productive professional environment.

The inclusion of weight-loss drugs in employer health coverage could signify a shift that resonates with a diverse range of employees, redefining workplace satisfaction and health.


Tebra surveyed 1,017 full-time employees on health benefits. Among them, 41% worked in an office, 31% were hybrid employees, 27% were remote, and 1% defined their work situation as something else; 55% were men, 44% were women, and 1% were non-binary.

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