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Week of February 24, 2024: Patient scheduling and retention tactics to keep your calendar full

Weekly Newsletter, February 24, 2024
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Tebra surveyed over 1,000 Americans to explore the reasons some hide their health concerns from healthcare providers, romantic partners, and employers. The findings indicate that a significant number of patients hide health concerns from providers due to feelings of embarrassment, fear of judgment, and underestimating the importance of certain issues. This can have serious implications for providers, as it may lead to incomplete medical histories, delayed diagnoses, and suboptimal treatment plans.

How can independent providers address this issue? A great place to start is by doing something you likely already do — creating a warm, non-judgmental, and inclusive environment that fosters open communication and trust with patients

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Patient scheduling and retention tactics that keep your calendar full

In a landscape where patients have rising expectations and more options for meeting healthcare needs, retaining patients is critical for not just patient health but also practice performance.

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