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Week of March 9, 2024: What your practice needs to know about the Change Healthcare outage

Weekly Newsletter, March 9, 2024
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This week, discover how to get paid faster, support your patients, and more.

On February 21, Change Healthcare, a major player in healthcare data exchange that handles 15 billion transactions a year and connects with 1 in 3 patient records in the US, was hit by a ransomware attack. The attack has caused significant operational disruptions for healthcare organizations nationwide, and is costing healthcare providers over $100 million daily.

Read more about what the American Hospital Association has described as “the most serious incident of its kind leveled against a US healthcare organization” — and how your practice can mitigate its impact on revenue, prescription delays, and more.

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The severe nationwide blood shortage has impacted nearly 1 in 5 medical practices, leading to reduced transfusions, limited emergency response, and delayed surgeries.

Tebra surveyed 100 medical professionals about their perceptions and experiences with the national blood shortage. The graph above indicates respondents’ suggested solutions. Independent providers can play a crucial role in addressing this crisis by: 

  • Encouraging your patients to donate blood 
  • Providing information on local donation centers 
  • Supporting initiatives like financial compensation for donors and public awareness campaigns 

Your advocacy and facilitation of patient participation in blood donation efforts are vital steps to mitigate the shortage’s detrimental effects. 

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Change Healthcare
Change Healthcare cybersecurity attack: What does this mean for my practice?

Navigating the fallout and understanding the impact on your healthcare practice

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