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9 traits every medical practice manager must have

Striving for excellence as a medical practice manager will help ensure your practice runs efficiently and promote future expansion and success.

traits every medical practice manager must have

At a Glance

  • Effective medical practice managers need strong leadership skills in order to guide and motivate their staff.
  • Managers should have a realistic perspective, recognizing what can be achieved at their practice while still pursuing ambitious goals.
  • Critical skills include financial expertise, industry knowledge, honor and integrity, perseverance, and more.

To excel in your role as a medical practice manager, it’s important that you possess a specific set of qualities. As a medical practice leader, your words and actions matter and serve as an example to your practice staff

Your ability to effectively communicate, make informed decisions, and foster a collaborative environment will not only influence your team’s morale but also impact the quality of patient care you deliver to your patients. 

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9 essential traits for medical practice managers

While many factors impact your effectiveness as a medical practice manager, here are the most critical traits: 

1. Leadership skills 

A personal drive to lead others is vital for those who want to serve at the management level. While leadership skills can be acquired traits, an innate tendency to lead will serve you well. Learn how to be an emapathetic leader who leads with compassion and purpose.

2. A realistic viewpoint 

Big ambitions and dreams are important for a successful career, but a realistic viewpoint is even more critical. You need to recognize what is possible in practical terms and execute the required processes to achieve those goals for your clinic.

3. Patience for your patients

Patience is a virtue every manager should cultivate. Medical decisions, administrative changes, and patient care improvements take time to yield results. With patience, you can navigate your workload and practice staff relationships with prudence and good judgment. 

Medical decisions, administrative changes, and patient care improvements take time to yield results. ”

4. A broad perspective

Keeping short-term goals in mind is essential for ensuring daily objectives are met for your practice, but having a broader perspective can be invaluable, particularly during times of stress. Keep the bigger picture in mind along the way. For example - keeping patients coming back is more important than making sure all files are in the proper order. Taking a macro view helps you keep perspective during the daily clinic challenges you face as a practice manager.

5. Courage and risks

Courage is commonly thought of as the willingness to take risks, but it also means having the wisdom to stop and alter one’s course. The right answer isn’t always pushing forward in the face of adversity but recognizing when it’s time to change your business strategy.

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6. Medical practice financial expertise

Many practices have a billing manager or biller to handle the day-to-day medical billing and a bookkeeper to handle practice finances. However, the medical practice manager should be able to manage the budget and understand how money flows within the practice.

The medical practice manager should be able to manage the budget and understand how money flows within the practice. ”

In smaller practices, they should also understand how to manage some or all of the medical billing and accounts payable processes.

7. Specialty expertise

As patients increasingly expect digital tools and services from their healthcare providers, you should stay on top of industry trends and initiate discussions about new technology that will enhance the efficiency of your practice.  

8. Honor and authenticity

The dictionary defines honor as adhering to what is right. In the business world, displaying honor lends authenticity to your management style. An honorable philosophy and honorable actions allow you to readily connect with your team and your patients on an emotional level. Your staff and patients will be able to tell if you as the practice manager are authentic, and that will go aa long way towards boosting morale and building trust.

9. Perseverance

In this dynamic and competitive healthcare landscape, staying ahead and adapting to rapid changes can be challenging. It’s important to be resilient, push forward, and deliver exceptional care and support to your patients

These essential traits are important for every medical practice manager to possess. A commitment to excellence in your role will not only keep your medical practice running smoothly but will also help it thrive and grow

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