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10 great medical practice website design examples

These 10 best medical practice design examples adhere to best practices and showcase unique ways to reach patients.

When 77% of patients search online for doctors and healthcare professionals, it’s clear that having a strong medical practice website is critical for finding new patients. But it can also be a way to retain current patients, as a well-designed website can make communication, feedback, appointment booking, and payments easier. But what are some good medical practice design examples?

Creating or updating a website can often feel overwhelming. There are many factors to consider when creating a high-growth website, and many practice owners wonder what matters most. How much information do you really need on your site, and what should it look like?

We've scoured the web to find 10 of the best medical practice design examples from independent practices to inspire you as you design your own practice website.

77% of patients search online for doctors and healthcare professionals. ”
4th annual Patient Perspectives report

What makes a strong medical practice website?

First, a few key components make a medical practice website great:

Each of the websites listed here is high performing and adheres to these practices. But each also offers its own unique spin to stand out from the crowd or offer a better patient experience.

10 top medical practice design examples

1. Perfect Peace in the Mind

Part of Perfect Peace in the Mind's homepage, featuring a chatbot

Founded and run by Dr. Ruth Felton, DNP, Perfect Peace in the Mind provides psychiatric mental health care in Houston, Texas, and makes it easy for prospective patients to get in touch. And there are many things that this local practice does right on its website:

  • Chatbots for easy-to-answer questions
  • Online booking
  • Clear, niche-specific images to pull patients in
  • Detailed, SEO-friendly service pages
  • Buttons in the navigation for booking online or calling the office

2. The Rehab Docs

The Rehab Docs' homepage

The Rehab Docs is a physical therapy practice that operates in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to its stellar branding colors, this healthcare practice hones in on the niche of sports rehab and training through images and video. 

Several elements make this website great:

  • Large text with plenty of white space and padding to make it easier to read
  • A strong homepage that lists services, doctor information, professional pictures, and videos
  • Strong content that supports the practice’s mission statement and values
  • Easy ways to connect, such as online booking, email, phone, social media, and chatbots
  • Excellent patient reviews

3. Halcyon Health

Halcyon Health's homepage

As a direct primary care practice, Halcyon Health does an excellent job of keeping its website easy to navigate and answering main patient pain points. The practice also lists its prices directly on the website, as it offers an alternative model to insurance-based practices. 

Other aspects this website does well are:

  • Clean, minimalistic, and easy-to-read visual design
  • Simple navigation
  • Custom team and office images
  • Online FAQs and patient agreement materials

4. Concord Hospital

Concord Hospital's QR code

Most medical practice websites tend to be small and compact, but what happens when you’re a large practice or a hospital? The Concord Hospital website is an excellent demonstration of how to organize a content-rich website. 

It shows that for larger websites, it’s important to:

  • Have a clear, priority navigation for patients
  • Make use of QR codes or other contact shortcuts
  • Give quick access to the patient portal or paying bills

5. Ellichman Vein and Vascular

Ellichman Vein and Vascular's testimonials and reviews page

Jonathan J. Ellichman, M.D. is a cardiovascular surgeon serving Memphis, Tennessee, and its surrounding areas with minimally invasive, outpatient vascular surgery options. This practice website focuses on the surgeon’s extensive expertise as a key differentiator and adds testimonials right beneath the main banner on the home page.

This website also has an entire page dedicated to testimonials and patient reviews — a fantastic strategy for practices that want to stand out. But for this sequence to work well, it’s helpful to have a patient review pipeline, usually with automated requests for testimonials post-appointment. 

Other aspects you’ll want to consider from this site include:

  • A patient resources section for referrals and registration documents
  • An updated list of accepted insurance
  • Videos and textual content that show your unique approach to patient care
  • A sidebar that links to common review sites, like Yelp

6. CentralMed

CentralMed's list of insurances

CentralMed is an urgent care and primary care facility in Colonie, New York. Following medical website best practices, CentralMed has clear navigation, a pop-up for booking an appointment with physician availabilities, and detailed services pages for SEO

But it also has an incredibly useful “additional services” tab on the navigation bar to highlight supplementary services that patients may need. An accessibility statement in the footer supports patients needing additional assistance on the website. 

The CentralMed website excels at:

Use of bold, unique colors

  • Lists insurances on the home page
  • Testimonial page with a “leave us a review” button
  • Doctor and staff pages with custom photos

7. Celebrations Speech Group

Celebrations Speech Group's services page

Celebrations Speech Group provides accessible speech therapy in 4 locations in California, as well as via telehealth. This speech therapy practice provides an easy way for patients to schedule appointments for in-person on virtual visits with an online booking calendar. It also has a clear space for patient forms, making it easier than ever for patients to come prepared for their appointments.

Another unique aspect of this effective website is a blog section. The blog provides information that complements the main service pages, as well as highlights the practitioner’s expertise, and drives SEO.

What else does this website do well?:

  • Images match the main patient demographic — primarily children, but also adults
  • A thorough explanation of what goes on during speech therapy
  • A link to the practice’s Google Reviews page
  • Easy scheduling and contact information

8. Vogelfanger and Struble Clinic

Vogelfanger and Struble Clinic's list for new patients

Vogelfanger and Struble Clinic is a large, multi-partner psychiatric practice located in Tennessee. As a large practice, this clinic does a good job of featuring all its providers with images and biographies. Furthermore, all of the phone number links are clickable, so patients can dial the number directly by tapping the link. 

In addition, this clinic follows a few other best practices for patient ratification, including:

  • A dedicated new patient page with everything patients need to know
  • A resources page with additional links and local hotlines
  • Detailed FAQs for common patient questions

9. Kingswest Dental

Kingswest Dental's services list, with each linking to a detailed service page

The Kingswest Dental website has much to like about the layout — from the calming colors and images to the well-spaced text and simple navigation. One particular feature that stands out about this site is how well it answers common questions or patient objections to visiting. Offering same-day appointments and a “why us” section on its landing page makes this practice stand out as customer-centric.

Other key takeaways from this site include:

  • In-depth, granular service pages to inform clients and drive SEO growth
  • Clearly listed insurance and payment options
  • A testimonials page with an additional link to a third-party review site
  • Large text
  • A sidebar for more accessibility options

 10. Hope Therapy Center

Hope Therapy Centre's in-house statistics section

Hope Therapy Center is a large practice that offers traditional and psychedelic-assisted therapy services to the residents of Burbank, Valencia, and Santa Clarita, California. 

There are a few unique things about this medical design example. 

First, the practice lists all of its fees for psychotherapy, as well as for individual therapists. It also has dedicated sections for the No Surprise billing act notice, insurance, and other billing norms. 

Second, it lists its media interviews to show authority. And in addition to these items, it has a blog section to build trust further and drive web traffic. 

Some key features this center uses are:

  • Success statistics based on patient feedback
  • Links to all positive coverage about the center
  • Detailed process explanations for lesser-known services, such as psychedelic-assisted therapy

Discover what patients want

Your website is a core component of your comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy. What you want your website to touch on is your patient’s needs — something all 10 of the websites here do. 

To find out what patients expect, not just from your website but from your practice, check out Tebra’s 2023 Patient Perspectives report.

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