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10 fun and festive medical spa holiday promotion ideas

These marketing tips will help you connect with new and current patients during the holiday season.

medical spa promotion for holidays

At a Glance

  • Use holiday-themed marketing like videos, contests, Q&As, and email campaigns to engage current and prospective patients during the holiday season.
  • Offer holiday promotions and discounts on treatments, packages, and retail products to drive revenue during this time of year.
  • Give back to your community with a charitable holiday campaign like a food or toy drive. This reflects well on your brand and lets patients contribute to a good cause.

2024 is almost here! With the holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to finalize your med spa’s holiday marketing campaigns to reach new and existing patients alike during this busy and profitable time of year. What’s more, acquiring new patients during the busy holiday season means you’ll stay top of mind as patients book appointments in the new year. 

Med spa holiday promotion ideas can be as simple as putting a seasonal touch on some tried-and-true marketing strategies. Glean inspiration from this list of ideas as you create your own marketing efforts to engage current and prospective patients this season. 

Med spa holiday promotion: 10 ideas to try

Invest in marketing efforts during the holiday season to support revenue year-round at your med spa. Use these 10 ideas to get started. 

1. Film a holiday marketing video

When it comes to digital marketing content, consumers can’t get enough of video. Video marketing allows you to showcase your personality, and the holidays are a great time to send your patients a warm, heartfelt message.

Consider posting across all social media channels to take advantage of your various audiences and best take advantage of each platform’s strengths. 

For example, Instagram tends to be a place where consumers research brands and products. One report by DataReportal found that researching brands and products is the second most popular activity on Instagram, with 62.3% of users doing so. With a fun and festive holiday marketing video, you can boost your reach and introduce your brand to prospective patients. 

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2. Create a 2024 patient calendar

Create a printed calendar to hand out to patients and keep them thinking about your med spa practice all year long. Align the design with your med spa’s brand, and use photos of the premises and your all-star staff.

Create a printed calendar to hand out to patients and keep them thinking about your med spa practice all year long. ”

Include seasonal tips and reminders, like reminding patients to wear a hat during the summer, not to skimp on SPF during ski trips, and to make appointments for IPL and chemical peels in the fall and winter. Companies like Shutterfly make it easy to design and order a calendar in just a few clicks. 

3. Hold a holiday social media photo contest

Social media is one of the easiest places to foster an authentic connection with your patients, and med spa patients always welcome the chance for a freebie. Invite patients and followers to share a holiday-themed photo, tag 2 friends, and tag your practice. Clearly state the rules, share when entries will close, and designate a hashtag so you can keep track of entries.

Offer in-house treatments or retail products as a prize. This also helps showcase your practice offerings at this time of year when gift-giving is a patient priority.

If you don’t offer out-of-pocket services, you may consider partnering with a company that aligns with your specialty or core values. You could also consider offering a gift card as a prize.

4. Host a holiday Q&A

Med spa services and gift cards make excellent gifts for loved ones and friends, but many people have questions or hesitations. Consider hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) or Q&A on your med spa’s social media accounts to share valuable information, alleviate any concerns, and discuss recovery (if any). 

Especially since the the holidays can be a particularly hectic time for many people — from shopping for gifts to holiday party prep — this is an ideal moment to give patients the opportunity to get their questions answered 

Consider using Facebook or Instagram Live to answer questions on the spot, or use Instagram Reels to record in advance. A 2023 report by Rival IQ found that Reels have the highest reach rate among all media types on Instagram. 

5. Invite patients to submit New Year’s resolutions

The holidays and the end of the year can be a reflective time, and people may be thinking about personal wellness. As a trusted source on all things aesthetics, invite your patients to share their skincare resolutions with you via social media or an email campaign. 

Invite your patients to share their skincare resolutions with you via social media or an email campaign. ”

Start the conversation by sharing your own resolutions — like wearing a hat on any day the UV index is higher than 4, or committing to daily SPF use (even on cloudy days!). If possible, use patient feedback to develop blog posts or videos containing tips aimed at helping patients keep these resolutions.

6. Write blog posts with a seasonal or holiday twist

Include seasonal and timely blog posts in your content marketing calendar for the winter months to stay relevant with your medical spa patients. 

Consider what treatments most med-spa patients come in for in the winter months and develop creative content ideas around these. For example, you could write about ways to keep skin protected during the winter months when temperatures plummet and the air dries out, provide tips on keeping skin hydrated and fresh during the indulgent months of the holidays, and more.

Since many patients seek out treatments to fade sun damage during the less-sunny seasons, write about the efficacy of these treatments, the number of sessions patients will need, and how to protect your skin post-treatment. 

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7. Send a holiday marketing email

Meet patients in their inboxes during the holiday season to stay top of mind. Use email marketing campaigns to: 

  • Remind patients of all the great deals on treatments and retail products you’re offering 
  • Share tips for keeping skin glowy and bright during the holidays
  • Share favorite holiday wellness recipes
  • Remind people to book an appointment before the end of the year

8. Offer gifts or promotional discounts

The holidays are an expensive time of year. A great way to drive revenue is to offer promotional discounts on services, treatment packages, or retail goods.

A great way to drive revenue is to offer promotional discounts on services, treatment packages, or retail goods. ”

Patients are always looking for last-minute gifts for loved ones or themselves during the holiday season. Use promos to entice patients to stock up on their favorite serums, masks, peels, laser treatments, and more.

9. Send patients a holiday greeting card

Engage patients the old fashioned way by sending out holiday greeting cards. Use a platform like Postable to send out cards at scale, or consider handwriting a thoughtful message to wish patients happy holidays. Patients will be pleasantly surprised when they open their mail and appreciate the gesture. 

10. Get charitable

Use this time of year to boost holiday cheer by sponsoring a holiday-giving campaign. You can offer your patients a place to drop off food donations that you’ll take to a local shelter, or you could host a toy drive. Aligning with a charitable cause reflects well on your brand, and patients want to give back. 

Spread some seasonal cheer by implementing some of the medical spa holiday promotion ideas in this guide. You’ll stand out among medical spa practices and your marketing efforts will help support you through the slower months of the year. 

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