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Week of May 11, 2024: How to attract and retain more patients + Boost practice productivity

Weekly Newsletter, May 10, 2024

Find out what patients really want to keep them coming back.

We hope all mothers have a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day tomorrow! This week, we take a deep dive into what really matters to patients with insights from our 2024 Patient Perspective survey. Plus, attract and retain more patients with our tips for creating a patient-centric practice.

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Patients prioritize quality care from providers

The Intake Patient Perspectives Report

Tebra’s 2024 Patient Perspective Survey revealed that 61% of patients still prioritize quality care above all else — and are willing to find a new provider if they don’t receive it. 

More than 4 in 5 patients say they would leave a practice after 2 poor experiences with their provider, and 47% of the patients we surveyed say they have left previous practices due to poor experiences with the provider. 

Discover additional best practices gleaned from our survey, including:

  • Provide virtual appointment options, user-friendly patient portals, and timely responses — 53% of patients prefer telehealth visits, and 68% want digital access but expect prompt replies within 4-24 hours.
  • Streamline patient intake processes by adopting digital tools that enable patients to complete forms online before appointments — 92% of patients prefer this convenient and accurate approach.
  • Address negative online reviews promptly and effectively — 64% of patients are willing to return to a practice that properly addresses their concerns.

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Doctor building relationship with patient running clinic successfully
Creating a patient-centric practice

Discover how independent practices can use a patient-centric approach to increase patient attraction and retention.

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