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Optimize your revenue cycle workflow, increase insurance reimbursements, and reduce denials with digital tools.

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Eliminate the manual labor of paper-based claims and get paid faster

Insurance claim analysis and processing are critical activities for your practice. Leverage technology in the right way to accelerate and even automate your charge entry, charge validation, claim scrubbing, rejection management, denial management, and payment processing.

Get paid faster and avoid costly cash-flow disruptions

Directly submit primary and secondary claims

After entering charges and checking claims against payer reimbursement rules, you can send primary and secondary electronic claims to the clearinghouse services directly.

Quickly view your claims on one screen

Get an immediate snapshot of all outstanding items, rebilling efforts, and accomplished tasks.

Complete electronic workers’ compensation claims

Send electronic workers’ compensation claim forms with up to ten pages of attachments through our clearinghouse partner.

Get peace of mind with validations

Track electronic claims from submission to adjudication. Internal validation from Tebra helps you ensure patient and policy information are correct. Clearinghouse partners provide daily reports. Payers may respond with reports on any denials prior to adjudication. You get transparency from start to finish for greater peace of mind.

Easily track and respond to rejections and denials

Automatically track rejections and denials from insurance companies. Tebra’s reports make it efficient to gather missing information, correct data entry errors, and resubmit electronic claims within payers’ filing deadlines.

Experience Tebra’s complete operating system

See how electronic claim submissions and other solutions within Tebra’s all-in-one platform can help your business thrive.

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