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Medical billing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding the right partner that understands your practice, specialty, and billing needs can be difficult. Tebra matches you with a trusted independent billing company that knows the industry and will optimize your reimbursements.

Outsourced medical billing services for your independent practice

Tebra has an unparalleled network of billing company partners. We help match you with one of our partners to help you find the best billing company to support your practice.
Start smart
To set you up for long-term success, your billing company partner will walk you through the data gathering process. You’ll understand what you need on the front end so your medical billing can be streamlined on the back end.
Gain billing efficiencies
Streamlined workflows help you stay in sync with your biller to reduce rejections and denials, simplifying the billing processes for faster reimbursements.
Stay in sync
Tebra’s integrated cloud-based platform ensures that your front office, clinical team, and billing team are always on the same page.
Empower your staff
Managed billing is designed to support your office staff in the critical role they play. Our modern technology and proven processes automate time-consuming tasks and simplify workflows for patient intake, scheduling, check-in, billing tasks, and more.
Clean claims and data
With an award-winning EHR, native iOS and Android applications, and charge capture technology to reduce data entry and errors, Tebra’s built-in rules engine ensures coding is correct at the point of entry to save valuable time and help you get paid faster.
Uncover actionable insights
Robust analytics help you follow key performance indicators to stay on top of your practice revenue. Track trends, uncover opportunities, address inefficiencies, and prioritize your team’s activity based on the greatest revenue impact.
Three-Step Process
Find your perfect match in three easy steps
Tebra helps you find the best managed biller for your practice. We take the guesswork out of outsourced billing so you can get back to what matters most: caring for your patients.
You’ll provide high-level details about your practice.
A Tebra representative will reach out to confirm your unique needs.
We’ll introduce you to the Tebra-vetted billing company partners that are best aligned with your practice.
Best-in-class features that simplify the billing process and provide faster reimbursements


Schedule with ease and confidence. Built-in eligibility verification reduces denials and the work that they require.

Charge capture

Capture charges at the point of care, reduce duplicate data entry, and minimize errors. Available on the web and mobile.

Claim tracking

Monitor all your claims, check their status, and see what is being done to get you paid.

Billing tasks

Streamline your day by managing and completing all your billing tasks in one, easy-to-use inbox.

Billing analytics

Track your productivity and billing performance. Measure your key performance indicators and identify ways to optimize your practice revenue.

Productivity maximization

Support your staff’s entire practice workflow, including managing patients, uploading documents, and sending secure messages.

Dedicated to your success

Our mission is simple: to enable the success of your practice. From day one, we make it easy to get up and running with Tebra. Once onboarded, our support team is ready to make sure that your success continues.

Success coach

Your billing company and Tebra are committed to a smooth transition. Together, we’ll bring your practice online as quickly as possible.

File transfer

We’ll help you get your files from the cabinets and closets and up to the cloud, so you can access them any time.

Support your way

In addition to that from your billing company, you can get support from Tebra via phone, email, or chat. We’re always here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Tebra’s criteria for managed biller partners?

    Through a rigorous vetting process, Tebra selects billing companies with strong industry experience, high customer satisfaction, an understanding of the Tebra system, and the demonstrated ability to help practice clients get up and running quickly.

  • How long does it take to get matched with a billing company?

    Once you submit your information to Tebra, a partner consultant will reach out to you within 24 hours to gather additional information about your practice. Then, they’ll forward your information to qualified billing companies that can assist you immediately.

  • Can you import my data into Tebra?

    Yes, we can import a variety of data in formats that include comma-separated value (.csv), Microsoft Excel (.xls), text (.txt), or access database (.mdb). Depending on the volume and nature of your data, a small fee may apply. Import can take five to seven business days. Work with your billing company to get started.

  • How soon can I begin sending electronic claims?

    Each of our qualified partners are highly experienced in getting their practices onboarded efficiently. Once you match with a billing company, they’ll ensure a smooth transition onto the Tebra platform.

  • What type of support can I expect after signing up?

    We offer a complete onboarding and training program with your subscription. Our team will be available to answer your questions as you complete the essential steps of your onboarding including watching our training videos, setting up a provider, enrolling in electronic claims, sending your first batch of electronic claims, and having your claims accepted by at least one major insurance company. Upon sign up, you will be assigned a success coach who will be with you through your entire setup process. In addition, our Tebra training specialists will help guide you through our training webinars.

Managed billing resources

To hire or not to hire a billing service

As the management of medical practices evolves with the introduction of new technologies, government requirements, quality assurance measures, and financial limitations, practitioners and practice managers have to decide which operations methods will both save expenses and generate revenue.

12 questions to ask before hiring a billing service

Once you decide to hire a billing service for your practice, you have an even bigger decision to make: who will you choose to manage this crucial aspect of your business and how will they ensure your success?

Is outsourcing your medical billing the right choice?

With an effective billing service, you can see lower operational costs with a good return on investment. To decide if outsourcing is right for your practice, start by analyzing the current state of your billing.

What providers are saying

  • “With Tebra, everything is at your fingertips to get the job done. I have been able to increase my productivity due to the effectiveness of Tebra.”

    Erica Hall, Owner and Provider

    Hall Diabetes Management and Resource Center PC

  • “The main benefit for me has been the way that Tebra keeps me so well organized and gives me visibility into all aspects of the practice.”

    Janelle Hoaglund, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

    Pleasant Valley Mental Health

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