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A healthcare analytics engine for practice success

Tebra data and insights products help you uncover opportunities that can provide significant impact to your business, across revenue, reputation, and website management.

Data & insights products

Practice growth analytics

Track real-time performance on essential metrics like website search result rankings, online reputation, and the number of new patient appointments, all at a glance from a single dashboard.
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Data cloud

Rely on our powerful platform for on-demand, HIPAA-compliant access to secure, cloud-hosted data storage. Practices and billing companies can easily export and order raw data into data sets for your unique business needs.
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Practice revenue analytics

A business intelligence solution that allows you to analyze revenue performance across multiple medical practices and providers. Understand key revenue indicators at a high level or dive deeper into reports for granular insights uncovering opportunities to improve your bottom line.
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API integration

With the Tebra API, you can integrate with third-party EHR or accounting applications, extract your data and build custom reports, and create your own custom programs.

Quality dashboard

Managing population health is impossible without good data and analytics. See actionable data on a single screen as Tebra equips you with a quality dashboard and guided workflows to easily track your performance on MACRA and MIPS quality measures.
Why Tebra?

Making data do more for your practice

Metrics that are easy to understand

Metrics that are easy to understand

Track your practice success using analytics and metrics that make it easy to interpret performance data.

Transparent insights in real-time

Transparent insights in real-time

Understand and respond to your data even as it changes, with online performance metrics that reflect your practice growth progress.

Find more revenue opportunities

Find more revenue opportunities

Quickly identify unrealized revenue opportunities across multiple practices and providers, and prioritize your team’s actions based on the greatest revenue impact.

Shift more focus to care

Shift more focus to care

Spend less time crunching numbers so your practice can focus on the important work of patient care.