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Robotic process automation

Automate your revenue cycle management

Robotic process automation offers billing companies and direct practices automated billing solutions that reduce manual, repetitive tasks and enable you to drive efficiency, increase profitability, and improve your revenue cycle management.

Dedicate practice resources to critical projects by eliminating mundane, repetitive tasks

Simplify data flow with automated ERA processing

Set your business rules and logic and let the automation bots maintain a consistent data flow into Tebra’s billing system — helping you increase first-pass claim rates and decrease reimbursement timelines.

Reduce complexity with automated unapplied payments processing

Use rules-based processing to identify when insurance payments have been made and when patient deposits such as copays can be applied. Keep your A/R up to date and increase patient satisfaction by automatically matching unapplied payments to outstanding patient responsibility to ensure accurate patient statements.

Bridge the gap between external systems with Smart Connector for HL7 and patient data

Connect external EHRs with Tebra’s billing by bringing patient demographic and financial information directly into the Tebra platform — reducing time spent on manual data entry. Not only do we provide the basic tools to exchange and accept information from external systems, we also layer them with established business rules and logic to generate a clean upload of encounters and patient information.

Automate clinical note creation

Don’t let data migration hinder you from switching EHRs. Automated clinical note creation allows you to migrate existing clinical notes into Tebra’s EHR. Our bot emulates human keystrokes to create a clinical note for each patient encounter, giving you a full picture of a patient’s medical history.

Payment Plans

Support more patients and easily collect balances over time with RPA payment plans. Connect charges to your EHR and billing for faster reconciliation and notifications about any issues. Save your staff time, get paid faster, and offer a better patient experience.

835 Uploads

Analyze 835 files and translate the data into the correct fields in the billing platform — instantly. Just upload the 835 file to the RPA dashboard and let Tebra take care of the rest. Save time, save money, and get paid faster.

Membership & Subscription Plans

Collect recurring fees for subscriptions and memberships, and associate those charges with the service, CPT codes, and patient account across your EHR and billing system. Build a consistent revenue stream with faster reconciliation and less manual work.

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