Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

All are welcome

At Tebra, our employees are the heart of our organization. One of our core values is “better together,” and we live this ethos in everything from collaboration to celebration. As such, we’re committed to seeking out diverse backgrounds, experiences, thoughts, and personalities — all of which strengthen not only our ability to solve problems creatively, but our greater Tebra culture.

Tebra DE&I strategic anchors

Our people

We strive to attract, hire, retain, and develop a high-performing workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

Our culture

We strive to ensure that leaders and employees at all levels promote Tebra’s vision for DE&I and maintain an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Our community impact

We strive to cultivate partnerships and support organizations whose primary objective is to serve underrepresented and under-resourced communities.

Our commitment

We strive to foster an environment that welcomes diversity of thought, perspective, and lived experience. We want everyone to feel valued, respected, and able to bring their whole, authentic self to Tebra. It helps us to be more innovative when solving the challenges our customers face and to better understand the communities we serve.

Accountability & Transparency

Representation at Tebra

We have spent time looking at our employee cycle from recruitment, retention, progression, and overall employee experience to find areas where we can improve and mitigate bias. There is work to be done, and we are committed to transparency as we take steps to ensure Tebra is truly a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


38.65% White
12.84% Asian
37.03% Hispanic or Latino
5.49% Black or African American
5.24% Two or more races
0.37% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
0.37% American Indian or Alaska Native


44.43% Women
55.22% Men
0.35% Non-binary


13.2% <20
35.23% 21-30
33.30% 31-40
12.99% 41-50
4.06% 51-60
0.61% 61-64
0.61% 65<

Employee resource groups

To enhance and foster an inclusive workplace focused on welcoming, supporting, and celebrating what makes our employees unique, Tebra sponsors employee resource groups (ERGs). More of these groups are developing all the time!
Asian Heritage Community + Allies
The mission of AHA is to bring awareness to the AAPI community and foster networking, professional development, and learning about AAPI culture and heritage.
Black + African American Community + Allies
The purpose of Noir is to provide a safe space to grow Black cultural knowledge within the Tebra community while also celebrating our past, present, and paving the way for our future.
Poder Latino
Latinx Community + Allies
The purpose of Poder Latino at Tebra is to celebrate the amazing contributions of Costa Rican, and all Latinx people, as well as support and build awareness of Latinx struggles.
LGBTQIA+ + Allies
The purpose of Pride at Tebra is to provide community, networking, and education opportunities for members of the LGBTQIA+ communities and allies, to elevate the voices of LGBTQIA+ employees and create a space where employees can bring their authentic self to work.
SHE (Supporting Human Equality)
Women-Identified Community + Allies
Serves as a circle of support for Women through shared experiences to empower each other for greatness in all aspects of life.