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Create high-quality video visits, group appointments, dedicated provider URLs, virtual waiting rooms, and custom patient communications with Tebra’s HIPAA- and HITRUST-certified telehealth.

Care Delivery
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Meet patients where they are with Tebra’s telehealth

Tebra’s telehealth enables you to deliver modern and convenient care from anywhere with HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified video technology seamlessly integrated into our platform.

Deliver modern care from anywhere

Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction

Offer your patients the convenience and accessibility of telehealth in addition to in-office visits.

Increase scheduling flexibility

Video visits can happen from anywhere, and at any time. Offer extended or even weekend hours without incurring overhead costs.

Decrease no-shows

Make it easier for patients to keep their appointments with the flexibility and convenience of telehealth visits that can be held anywhere with no need for travel or transportation.

Generate incremental revenue

Virtual visits let you meet with more patients in the same amount of time compared with in-person visits. When it’s time to follow up, convert unpaid phone calls and emails to reimbursable telehealth visits.

Streamline practice workflows

Maintain current office workflows for scheduling, charting, and billing. No additional staff work is required, so you and your practice can focus more on patient care.

Strengthen security

Tebra’s telehealth is 100% secure and HIPAA- and HITRUST-compliant.

Offer group appointments

Meet in real time with up to 200 participants, allowing caregivers, medical experts, and family members to join the visit.

Improve the patient experience

Give patients the support they need to comply with treatment plans, manage medications, and engage in lifestyle coaching for better outcomes. Our providers see 98% patient satisfaction on average for video visits.

Experience Tebra’s complete operating system

See how telehealth and other solutions within Tebra’s all-in-one platform can help your practice thrive.

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