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Tebra’s electronic prescriptions let you easily reference patient medication history, send new prescriptions and refills, and streamline the provider workflow — all while enhancing the patient experience.

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Electronic prescriptions
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Deliver better care with Tebra’s electronic prescriptions

Alleviate frustration on all sides with faster, easier ePrescriptions that give patients a transparent view of their medication orders and providers a better way to manage refills, changes, and cancellations. Tebra’s ePrescribing solution helps you save time, drive safety and accuracy, and minimize patient costs. Enrollment is easy and there are no additional fees to get started.

Improve accuracy, increase patient safety, and streamline prescription workflows

Improve safety

With each new medication prescribed, we automatically check for — and alert you to — the potential for significant drug-drug interactions or allergic reactions.

Minimize medication errors

Reduce patient and pharmacy confusion around which medication and in what quantity with a secure, transparent view into each order. Track new prescriptions and refills, and change and cancel requests easily and electronically.

Save time

Electronic prescriptions reduce the amount of time spent on the phone and fax machine, streamline refill requests and authorization processes, and free your time to deliver exceptional care.

Participate in prescription drug monitoring programs

Providers enrolled in EPCS have the ability to query the relevant PDMP in Tebra when ePrescribing a controlled substance.

Access real-time data with First Databank

First Databank gives you access to real-time formularies and drug-specific common directions, including pediatrics. Source the most up-to-date prescription and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) information to reduce ordering errors and get patients the medications, equipment, and supplies they need as quickly as possible.

Seamlessly find prescription discounts

Tebra offers an Rx Saver directly in the Clinical workflow so you can help patients find the best prescription pricing — and coupons — available through their local pharmacies.

Experience Tebra’s complete operating system

See how electronic prescriptions and other solutions within Tebra’s all-in-one platform can help your practice thrive.

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