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Give patients the experience they deserve with streamlined access to records, messaging, results, and more.

Patient Experience
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Patient portal

Communicate, share, and review with the Tebra patient portal

Tebra’s HIPAA-compliant patient portal allows your practice to message patients, share eLab results, sign treatment plans, and exchange other important health information. Patients can review their health records, medications, results, and shared treatment plans; make online payments; and authorize a guest to view their account, all with a few easy clicks.

Empower patients to engage with their healthcare and your practice

Securely send and receive health records and documents

Share, review, and obtain signatures for health records and documents such as eLab results, medications, treatment plans, patient education materials, and assessments on a secure platform.

Streamline billing with digital payments

Allow patients to view their bills, make online payments, and review their previous portal payments.

Exchange direct messages

Send secure, direct messages between providers and patients.

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See how Tebra’s patient portal and other solutions within our all-in-one platform can help your practice thrive.
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