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Leverage the latest technology to automate your payments to drive greater revenue and happier patients.

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Patient payments are just part of our all-in-one solution
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Patient payments
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Thoughtfully engage with patients to collect more revenue, faster

Tebra’s patient payments leverage the latest technology to deliver a convenient payment solution that secures practice revenue, faster. Our streamlined solution ensures happier patients and a frictionless payment process.

Provide the seamless digital payments experience that patients expect

Send text balance reminders

Drive online payments and reduce time-to-pay while offering a more convenient payment method for patients.

Leverage digital statements

Offer a quick, convenient payment method to patients, speeding up the revenue cycle and increasing the amount you collect.

Report delivery

Give customers the confidence that patient statements have been delivered to the right place, at the right time.

Mail statements

Send patients a clear, easy-to-understand statement that translates to faster payments and greater patient satisfaction.

Simplify with Tebra’s payment terminal. Coming soon!

Tebra’s payment terminal offers a secure, encrypted option for in-person payments, and lets patients pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and touchless pay.

Automate patient billing

Configure custom, instructional messages to your patients.

Experience Tebra’s complete operating system

See how patient payments and other solutions within Tebra’s all-in-one platform can help your business thrive.

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