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First-page search engine rankings and increased website traffic deliver significant results for chiropractic practice

With the continued growth of new patients, Ben Shamoiel Chiropractic went from a single practice to a multi-location practice, and Tebra has been their partner along their journey to success


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When Dr. Ben decided to open his first chiropractic practice in Los Angeles, he noticed that his competitors' websites all looked the same, and none of them stood out. He was also part of a large market and needed to target suitable patients and differentiate his services and the care he strived to provide. He quickly realized that to scale his business the way he wanted; he would need a partner who understood the healthcare landscape and was an expert in enhancing his online visibility, drawing in more patients, and tailoring strategies for a digital-centric environment.


In 2016, after seven years in business, Dr. Ben saw how practices marketed to patients were evolving. He had an established business but needed to grow, and the web had become the fastest way to reach a target audience. There was also a desire for a modern website that was easy to navigate and find online. He had heard of SEO, but nobody in the medical field knew how it worked or had done it to their advantage. He wanted new patients to come to him because of the positive experiences that they had read about.


Leveraging Tebra’s Practice Growth technology, TheLAChiropractor.com opened a second location due to the demand for care. It has generated 428 new online reviews, which has helped to maintain its high average star rating on Google. It also received over 31,000 website visits and achieved 30 #1 rankings amongst Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Utilizing Tebra’s online scheduling feature, Dr. Ben has had nearly 900 new patient requests at one location alone. More than 500 of his existing patients appreciate the convenience of booking appointments online.

“Tebra has been a huge part of the growth of my practices. The team understood my goals, and over time, I have become the leader in my area, with reviews and patients coming to us for appointments. It's nice to know that, on average, we are about 100 reviews ahead of the competition by Tebra simplifying how patients can provide feedback.”

Dr. Ben Shamoiel, Practice Owner


Growing up, Dr. Ben Shamoiel watched his mother suffer from various health issues, and there was always a lack of treating her symptoms holistically and without medication. They both often felt frustrated due to a lack of clarity in the medical world on wellness and naturopathy.

Dr. Ben says that his path to becoming a chiropractor was divine intervention from someone he knew who said it was his calling. After learning more about it, he became hooked on the idea that he would make a career out of it. From his experience with his mom at the doctor, he wanted to find a natural way for the mind and body to communicate, which, in turn, would help the body heal itself. This approach would help patients avoid surgery or drugs to treat chronic pain.

He decided to register for chiropractic school after this revelation. He met with an esteemed chiropractor in the area with a similar philosophy on treatment methods and patients who adored him. This affirmation further confirmed Dr. Ben’s desire to become a chiropractor and open up his practice. So, in 1999, he did just that and hasn’t stopped since. Dr. Ben turned to PatientPop, a leader in practice growth technology, in 2016 to help him take his business to the next level. He now has two locations in Los Angeles, with two providers and a small staff, and plans to open more in the area.

In 2021, PatientPop merged with Kareo to form Tebra, the leader in practice automation solutions for independent practices.

Amplified digital footprint

Dr. Ben knew his approach needed to be different from the rest. His research had shown that competitor’s websites were identical-looking with the same formatting and tools. Many were older practices that had seemed outdated. He knew that was a tactic he wanted to avoid.

In his first conversation with Tebra, the team explained how search engine optimization (SEO) worked, how his goals would be reached and milestones met. One of his main focuses was his rankings on search engines and the desire to be on the first page. Tebra’s approach to website-building was much more modern and customized, and he’s continued to have it updated as his business has changed.

Since implementing Tebra, he has garnered 31,929 website visitors, with 40% coming from organic traffic and 39% from direct traffic. Tebra’s keyword strategy has significantly impacted gaining immediate exposure to Dr. Ben’s target patient demographics.

An online presence is non-negotiable for attracting new patients. 3 in 4 look online to research doctors, dentists, or medical care — an online presence is significant when searching for new care providers.

He has 30 #1 rankings amongst Google, Yahoo, and Bing, making it quicker for patients to find him since he appears on the front page of the most popular search engines.

Credibility is paramount

Dr. Ben shared that while receiving positive accolades from a patient is gratifying, “it’s the difference in the community we are making and changing people’s lives that mean the most.” When he asks patients why they travel to him from so far away? They said they read all the positive reviews, so the distance becomes a non-issue. With two practices in the Los Angeles area, he has amassed 428 patient reviews on Google and has an average star rating of 5/5.

Reputation is everything in the healthcare world today. Patients actively seek other patient’s reviews of the practice before deciding to see the doctor and make an appointment. According to Tebra’s recent patient survey , three out of four people have searched online to find a doctor, and 74% say they find online reviews helpful when choosing a provider. A further 61% say they won’t consider a provider with an average star rating lower than 4 out of 5. Ensuring satisfied patients with your practice share testimonials on social media or review websites is crucial to success.

Easily accessible online booking

Since Dr. Ben deployed Tebra’s online appointment booking feature, his website leads for his flagship location have resulted in 64% new patient bookings. More than 36% of his existing patients have also utilized the tool, making scheduling faster and easier to book from the convenience of wherever they are. On average, Dr. Ben sees about 18 new patients monthly from online booking alone.

Online scheduling has become a need-to-have rather than a nice-to-have for practices. Patients surveyed want online scheduling options. 75% said they would be more likely to attend their visit if they could reschedule their appointment online without calling the office.

Simplified healthcare marketing

Dr. Ben plans to expand his business in the future. He meets regularly with his account manager to review the progress of his goals and make adjustments where necessary. Dr. Ben shared that his practice has a long-game mentality, where their goal is for people to come in with pain and stay because they understand the value of what they do.

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