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How Tebra transformed one mental health practice for success

After years of serving in the U.S. Army as a career counselor and then in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a hospital administrator, Department Chief, and clinical therapist, Dr. Woodrow “Anthony” Roeback, Ph.D., left in 2013 to start his own unique faith-based mental health practice focused on holistic healing and helping suffering people get back on track with their life.

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When Dr. Roeback started his practice, self-admittedly, they didn’t have the means to adopt technology to support the business. As it grew, he desired a solution tailored to his medical specialty that addressed privacy and security concerns protecting individual’s sensitive health information. He took the time to research, evaluate, and select a solution that aligns with his practice's needs and budget, leading to improved patient care and operational efficiency.


No matter how Dr. Roeback sees a patient, he can access secure patient records, provide more efficient patient charting, and easily share documentation with other providers. The practice also leverages Tebra’s user-friendly patient experience products and telehealth solution to offer patients more flexible appointment options and modern digital conveniences.


After implementing Tebra’s EHR and patient experience solutions, with features like automated appointment reminders, online scheduling, and text messaging, Dr. Roeback saw incredible change in his practice. The practice has seen a 95% boost in online appointment requests. It has seen an 80% growth in new patients, and more than 30% use telehealth appointments to receive remote care.

“I don't know of any competitor with all the features that Tebra’s platform does and is presented with this level of quality and professionalism. The automated formats available for notes and diagnosis in the EHR look great and serve to reduce manual input and guesswork. The templates identify specifics regarding conditions within my medical specialization and provide necessary technical and clinical information when conversing with a patient. This software is an invaluable benefit to have. ”

Dr. Woodrow “Anthony” Roeback, Ph.D.

Mind Body and Spirit Counseling Services

Dr. Roeback is passionate about providing patients with a holistic approach to healthcare. When he decided to open his mental health practice in California after retirement from the VA, he knew there would be challenges. With a limited number of mental health providers in Palmdale, California, referrals and word-of-mouth proliferated. Over only a few years, his business grew significantly. He works alongside other counselors and partnerships (Restoring Hearts Counseling and Process of Change Counseling). Between each of them, they offer holistic wellness to aid with substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma, depression, and anxiety and provide individual, couples, group, and family counseling services.

Dr. Roeback is passionate about helping people overcome emotional stressors and understanding how they relate to their challenges socially, occupationally, or otherwise.

Tebra’s complete practice automation platform has helped Mind Body and Spirit Counseling Services streamline operations with integrated solutions for practice well-being so it can focus on providing crucial patient care.

Clinical complexity made easy

Tebra’s complete practice automation solution includes an integrated EHR and billing solution that enables providers to increase time with patients, reduce documentation time, and maximize reimbursements.

With an overwhelming administrative and regulatory burden, implementing an integrative EHR helps reduce friction for providers and their staff. Tebra care delivery is designed for independent practices and can be tailored to various medical specialties. Dr. Roeback’s practice has had an 80% growth in new patients since launching Tebra, so he needs a system that can handle the volume while including the clinical workflows to make delivering care more efficient.

Tebra’s integrated EHR is flexible enough to enable a workflow for various medical specialties. Dr. Roeback shared that Tebra’s solution is the only one in the market with all the capabilities he needs at his fingertips. He likes that the system makes documentation and assessments faster and more accurate. He shared, “Once the information is locked in the platform, I can move quicker without having to hold onto many documents in-house that take a ton of manual time and require heightened confidentiality protocols. Dealing with complex conditions in mental health, I can add language, information, or resources to one file, which has benefited my patients and practice.”

Prioritizing patient satisfaction with a superior experience

Patients rely on technology. Providers must have the right digital tools to attract and retain business to satisfy patients and keep them happy. Dr. Roeback shared that his patients love the convenience of submitting their intake forms online, and he appreciates that all the necessary information is sent directly to his email inbox to review before the appointment. For older patients who aren’t as used to working online, “the online portal is uncomplicated for them to learn,” he said. Dr. Roeback also likes that Tebra’s templates for patient forms provide a solid framework, and he can build upon them to fit the specific needs of his specialty.

Patient engagement has also improved for Mind Body and Spirit Counseling services. His patients have shared positive reviews about the online booking capabilities, text reminders for communication, and appointment reminders. Patients feel more engaged when they can actively participate in their healthcare.

“In this digital age, healthcare is keeping pace with technology. We can now gather valuable patient feedback and send convenient text reminders, significantly improving their overall experience. This digital transformation isn’t just about convenience; it’s about genuinely engaging patients and improving satisfaction.”

Tebra’s patient experience solutions are fully integrated into the EHR and billing.

A lifeline for remote patients

Telehealth became a doctor and patient lifeline during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth was crucial for providing continuity of care and has remained a convenient digital tool even as COVID-19 restrictions have subsided. Dr. Roeback implemented Tebra’s telehealth solution and still sees roughly 33% of monthly patients through the solution today. “Even though I am based in California, I have patients I treat from Utah and Nevada where I am also licensed, all by using telehealth, and it’s very effective,” Dr. Roeback said.

Since Tebra’s telehealth is integrated into its EHR, doctors can be assured that it’s safe, secure, and able to capture clinical information. Tebra’s telehealth solution is HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified and integrates seamlessly into the platform. Dr. Roeback added, “The ability to schedule group appointments for up to 100 participants is a great benefit of using the solution because there are times that I’m working with couples or families in different locations who want to participate in their loved one’s therapy, and this also gives them confidence about confidentiality.” He also adds, its “crucial for suicidal people who need someone to talk to immediately.” He says he would never want to turn someone away because he lacks the tools to connect with them.

Tebra’s telehealth solution makes meeting patients where they are easier while still providing continuity of care. Using it can reduce patient no-show rates for patients who may have challenges getting to an appointment in the office. Tebra’s telehealth solution includes a virtual waiting room, a unique provider link for patients, and the ability to book appointments through an online provider profile. The individual links help doctors and staff no longer spend time fixing broken or lost links for patients during the scheduled visit, which reduces lost revenue for time-billed appointments.

Consistent and Reliable Customer Support

“My experience with the customer care team has been very positive. If there are updates on features of the platform or I have an issue, the team is very receptive and helpful and works to find a solution. Also, the training I received following the initial implementation was extremely effective and easy to understand. With my new intern, the system is helping them to develop their skills using digital technology.”

No matter what your issue is, Tebra’s customer support team is here to help you find the answers you need.

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  • Telehealth

    Create high-quality video visits, group appointments, dedicated provider URLs, virtual waiting rooms, and custom patient communications with Tebra’s HIPAA- and HITRUST-certified telehealth.

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Clinical Practice Operations

Increase time with patients, reduce documentation time, and maximize reimbursements

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Combine exceptional care with an exceptional patient experience

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Create high-quality video visits, group appointments, dedicated provider URLs, virtual waiting rooms, and custom patient communications with Tebra’s HIPAA- and HITRUST-certified telehealth.

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