DDA Change Policy

Instruction for Customers

The following instructions are for customers looking to submit a Demand/Direct Deposit Account change.

Updating your bank account information

Updating the bank account where payments are deposited and fees are withdrawn takes 7-10 business days after the DDA Change Form is received. Some requests may take longer to verify the change request.

Direct Deposit Account Change

Please request the DDA / ACH Change Form by having your controller or a beneficial owner email [email protected] to request the form to send to you. Tebra will create a secure Sharefile portal and share the access link via email. The Change Form will be found in the portal. Please fill out the form in its entirety.

  1. Merchant ID: [Your Merchant ID# is the 7-digit number found on your monthly statements].
  2. Legal Name or Doing Business As Name (DBA).
  3. Tax ID or SSN (The number you file with the IRS).
  4. Bank Name, 9-Digit Routing Number, and Account Number you want to update to.
  5. Merchant Account Principal (the owner or owner of this processing account) must print and sign full name and provide a copy of an ID (Driver’s License or state issued ID). If your signature does not match the one we have on file, we will request additional identification from you for security purposes. Please note, we will not complete your DDA change until we have met our security procedures for your protection.
  6. Please include voided check and a bank letter. Bank letter must contain/state the following:
    • Bank letterhead
    • Full account and routing number
    • Type of account (ex: checking or savings)
    • Indication of a business or personal account
    • Name associated with the bank account: If your business is an LLC or INC, please ensure it is printed with your company name. If your business is an equal partnership, please indicate that both partners have signing rights to the bank account.
    • Indicate that the bank account type is able to accept unlimited ACH debit and credits
    • Signature of a representative of the bank
  7. Return this form to Tebra: Upload the completed Change Form, voided check, and bank letter via the Sharefile portal provided to you by Tebra. For additional questions on form submission, please contact us at [email protected].
  8. Tebra will assess a $15 fee to update your bank account information.

Change in Business or Ownership

If your legal entity has changed (i.e., Federal Tax ID/EIN), or you are selling your business or making an ownership change, please request the Business Details Change Request Form via emailing [email protected].