What to Know About Phishing Emails Sent From Tebra

To enforce our security measures at Tebra, you will only receive corporate emails from one of our official domains, @tebra.com, @patientpop.com, or @kareo.com, and we would never ask for your password. However, some people may receive fake or suspicious emails that look like they were sent by Tebra. These emails might include malicious attachments or links to spam or phishing websites. Because these phishing emails can create significant problems for Tebra if not stopped, we have prepared the following FAQs:

What is phishing?

Phishing scammers send fraudulent messages to a large group of people online, hoping to trick them into revealing private information, like a password. These messages often contain links to a website disguised to appear legitimate that request login credentials.
It can be difficult to recognize a spoofed email as they may look very convincing or appear to come from a Tebra, PatientPop, or Kareo email address. If you have received a phishing email from Tebra, PatientPop, or Kareo, please contact Tebra Security at [email protected].

What should you do if you receive a phishing email?

Immediately flag the email using your email service provider’s built-in reporting function and delete the email from your inbox. Do not download any attachments that are included. For additional information on account security, visit our Help Center for tips to protect your account.

Why am I getting these phishing emails?

The number of this type of email has certainly increased in recent years. To learn the various ways spammers may find your email address, visit FTC’s Help Page here. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/.

For more information about Tebra’s policies on information collection, disclosure and sharing, please visit our privacy page at https://www.tebra.com/privacy-policy/.


If you have questions or suggestions you can contact us at:

Tebra Security Administrator
1111 Bayside Drive Suite 150
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
[email protected]

To report a security violation, please call us at (866) 93-TEBRA (83272).

Last Updated: This policy was last updated on July 10, 2020.