August 30, 2023

Tebra monthly product update — August 2023

We are excited to share the highlights of our August 2023 product releases as we continue improving your Tebra experience.

We’ve enhanced our Customer Care Center, making it more user-friendly. Now, you can search and sort by case number or contact and enjoy smoother performance with new pagination.

As part of our commitment to improving platform stability, we’ve updated the Tebra Web Service API frequency guidelines for API endpoints as we continue to advance our API safeguards.

In case you missed them, we’ve included our featured webinars on getting ahead of financial stress as well as our summer release review. Lastly, check out our Tip of the Month and learn how updating your provider bios is quick and easy.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates next month!

The Tebra Team 🚀

Release Round Up

Customer Care Center Enhancements

Our Customer Care Center now includes the ability to search by case number, sort by Case Number or Contact, and pagination to improve performance.

Tebra Web Service API

For our customers using the Tebra Web Service API, Tebra recently instituted additional guidelines for our GetPatient, UpdatePatient, GetExternalVendors API endpoints. Starting July 11, 2023, the frequency guidelines of these API endpoints have been updated to:

  • GetPatient: Can be called once every 1/4 seconds
  • UpdatePatient: Can be called once a second
  • GetExternalVendors: Can be called once a second

Tebra will establish guidelines across all of our endpoints in the upcoming month as we continue to advance our API safeguards.

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Tip of the Month

Product Stability Update

August Stability Update: We’ve enhanced the practice operations dashboard, the landing page where you see all of your upcoming appointments, for all customers. Previously, during stability incidents, visibility to the dashboard was lost causing significant disruption. We’ve made enhancements to ensure that if there are downtime events your practice can still see and print upcoming appointments.

Future Enhancements: The next phases of stability work will focus on additional enhancements to the practice operations dashboard and ensuring the availability of all critical workflows.

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