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Everything you need to know about selecting the right EHR for your practice

Selecting the right Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is a critical decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your practice. Whether you're starting anew or looking to upgrade, this interactive guide simplifies the EHR selection process and demystifies the journey from assessment to implementation.
Simplify your EHR selection process
Gain insights from a 2024 survey of 183 independent providers
Access practical guidance and actionable exercises
Make informed decisions with real-world data

What you’ll get

How to know when you need a new EHR

69% of providers reported interoperability problems with their current EHR. Conduct a thorough evaluation with our "10 questions to identify the need for a new EHR" worksheet.

How to select the right EHR for your practice

Over 75% of providers spend time in their EHR that could be better spent on patient care. Use our "EHR readiness checklist" and "EHR needs assessment" worksheet to pinpoint requirements.

How to select the right vendor

65% of providers would switch their EHR for better functionality, and 53% for a better user experience. Use our "Vendor evaluation matrix" to rate each vendor on key criteria.

How to set yourself up for successful implementation

44% of providers find training staff on their current EHR system moderately difficult to extremely hard. Use our “Implementation cheat sheet” for a smooth transition.

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