Exclusive 5th Annual Report

Patient perspective survey: Advance your practice

In our fifth annual patient perspective report, navigate the shifting landscape of patient expectations and discover how 47% of patients are leaving practices due to unsatisfactory experiences. Among our findings: while offering digital solutions like patient portals can help retain patients, a relentless focus on quality of care has become non negotiable.

Learn actionable strategies to enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty through digital engagement and quality care, with insights into how 92% are more inclined to engage digitally – in a meaningful way.

Secure your practice's future by downloading our comprehensive blueprint for enhancing patient satisfaction and loyalty through a three-pronged focus on digital engagement, timely communication, and, most importantly, quality of care.

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About the study:

The study presented in the report draws from an online survey conducted with 1,358 U.S. adults on January 10, 2024, who sought healthcare from primary care physicians, medical specialists, and mental health providers between January 2023 and January 2024. It reveals that the majority of healthcare interactions during this period were in-person (71%), with a significant portion of patients (24%) experiencing care both in-person and via telehealth, and a smaller group (5%) engaging solely through telehealth services. This comprehensive methodology ensures the findings are reflective of current patient preferences and behaviors, offering a robust basis for the actionable recommendations provided in the report.

What you’ll get

Quality of care is the bottom line

47% of patients reported leaving a practice due to poor experiences, emphasizing the critical nature of high-quality healthcare and strong provider-patient relationships for patient retention.

Genuine digital engagement is expected

73% of patients have access to a patient portal, and 68% of those without one wish they did, highlighting the importance of digital tools when backed by genuine engagement.

Telehealth is not going away

53% of patients prefer virtual appointments for convenience, underscoring the need for practices to offer flexible telehealth options.

Prompt communication is key

91% of patients expect a response within 4-24 hours after messaging their provider through a patient portal, indicating the importance of timely communication in patient care.