November 8, 2023

Report identifies the top marketing developments and tools that healthcare providers need to know now

A survey of marketing experts reveals the shifting landscape of healthcare SEO trends

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – November 8, 2023 – Tebra, the leader in practice automation solutions for independent healthcare practices, today announced its report, Stay competitive: Essential healthcare SEO trends for 2023. One of the most notable findings is that 1 in 5 digital marketers surveyed online in the healthcare industry are concerned about job security due to the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). However, many marketers say they recognize the growing importance of leveraging AI technologies to stay competitive in the digital landscape. Digital marketers surveyed named mobile optimization as the most critical factor in healthcare search engine optimization (SEO), and over 60% believe that ChatGPT will enhance SEO in healthcare.

Additional noteworthy findings include:

  1. Google continues to reign supreme, with a staggering 90% of digital marketers surveyed prioritizing their optimization efforts through it. Bing and Yahoo! followed at 72% and 56% respectively.
  2. 49% of digital marketers surveyed in the healthcare space have used black hat tactics, such as keyword stuffing and link buying, which violate search engine guidelines to improve rankings. 65% of them reported they experienced negative consequences from doing this.
  3. 59% of those surveyed stated that tracking algorithm updates is best for healthcare digital marketers to stay relevant. This was followed by diversifying skills at 56% and taking online training at 52%. 
  4. 56% of respondents reported that healthcare SEO will be even more important in the next five years due to the evolution of the digital landscape now and in the future.
  5. 72% of respondents said they are already optimizing content for AI-powered search engines. 

“The digital landscape is continually evolving, and staying informed about the latest trends and adapting healthcare provider’s healthcare SEO strategy will be crucial for maintaining competitiveness in 2023 and beyond,” Jesse Noyes, vice president of organic marketing at Tebra, said. “It’s essential to stay updated with the latest developments in healthcare SEO by regularly following industry news, engaging with digital marketing experts, and continuously adapting strategies to align with shifting trends. Consulting with professionals specializing in healthcare marketing can help you navigate these changes effectively and maintain a competitive edge in the evolving landscape of healthcare SEO.”

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Tebra conducted the survey behind Stay competitive: Essential healthcare SEO trends in 2023. Tebra surveyed 207 digital healthcare marketers online who work in SEO to explore current trends, tools, and practices. For additional information on methodology, please contact Tebra.

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