September 6, 2023

Tebra’s customized robotic process automation capabilities reduce Advantum Health’s labor costs, save time, and boost ROI

Large billing company in Kentucky uses intelligent RPA bots to improve efficiency and productivity

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – September 6, 2023 – Tebra, the leader in practice automation solutions for independent healthcare practices and billing companies, today announced that Advantum Health, a large-sized billing company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, has increased productivity and profitability with Tebra’s revenue cycle management solution. Advantum Health uses more than 50 customized client-specific rules through Tebra robotic process automation (RPA) to automate tasks that improve efficiency, cost savings, and better decision-making. 

Advantum Health serves clients in all 50 US states and employs almost 600 employees. With Tebra RPA, its office staff has eliminated roughly a third of the time each person spends on billing tasks. Since implementing RPA, Advantum Health reports that it went from more than 40 people doing payment-related tasks to 5. Those additional staff were re-allocated to work on higher-value items like billing collections, which often get overlooked due to resource availability. Automating the posting of electronic remittance advices (ERA), has resulted in over 90% of claims being posted without requiring any personnel intervention. Tebra now processes 50K claims monthly for Advantum clients, handling more than $2M dollars in reimbursements. 

Tebra’s RPA is a portfolio of flexible billing and data integration tools that use automated bots. The bots uniquely translate and process large volumes of files, tailored to medical billing companies’ and independent practices’ needs. RPA can be beneficial for billing companies who support both small or large numbers of practices. 

“We have counted more than 20 different platforms that our clients use and Tebra’s solutions are by far the most well-organized and intuitive to use. The navigation is straightforward and is easy for either a beginner or experienced user,” Tammy Taylor, CEO of Advantum Health, said. “Using the RPA bots have boosted our scalability, productivity, and compliance.”

The hyper-automation trend is just starting to catch on in medical practices and with billing companies that support them. RPA minimizes manual processes and reduces error rates that cost time and money,” Brian Cafferty, vice president of RPA development for Tebra, said. “Advantum Health was an early adopter of implementing bots and we are proud to be their partner and see the impact it has had on their business.”

Due to Advantum’s distinguished business acumen and demonstrated ability to help practices drive revenue,  Advantum has been selected to participate in the Tebra Partner Connect program. Tebra Partner Connect helps practices take the guesswork out of outsourced billing by matching them with a trusted independent billing company that knows the Tebra system. Practices can feel at ease knowing that they’re being referred to a billing partner that understands their practice, specialty, and billing needs. Over 1,600 billing companies across the United States trust Tebra as their billing software vendor. Leveraging Tebra’s technology delivers an automated, consumer-centric, and unified solution for providers and billing companies.

Advantum Health began to work with Kareo in 2017 and has continued the partnership with the company after it merged with PatientPop to become Tebra in 2021. 

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Advantum Health offers world-class RCM services, expertise, and innovations to strengthen the financial health of your organization. We offer fully outsourced and custom-tailored solutions to meet practice’s specific needs. To learn more about Advantum Health, visit www.advantumhealth.com.

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In 2021, with a combined mission to unlock better healthcare, Kareo and PatientPop joined forces to form Tebra — a complete practice automation solution for independent healthcare practices. With an all-in-one, purpose-built platform to drive practice success and modernize every step of the patient journey, Tebra provides digital tools and support to attract new patients, deliver modern care, get paid quickly, and operate efficiently. To learn more how Tebra is committed to improving the success and well-being of both patients and providers, visit www.tebra.com

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