Reduce clicks? Get paid more? Yes, please.

21% of practice managers say their practice software has no impact on improving the quality of care, patient experience, or outcomes — even as staff waste time on inefficient processes.

Whether you’re trying to reduce care or billing complexity, optimize your EHR, or get paid faster, this session will help you articulate your precise needs so you can find the best possible solution to beat your goals.

Our speakers

Annelise Schaler
Senior Marketing Programs Manager at Tebra
With over a decade of experience, Annelise develops comprehensive marketing strategies that help companies exceed their goals through market research, competitor analysis, brand development, and more.
Kevin Clinton
Director of Marketing, Payment Solutions at Tebra
As the Director of Marketing, Payment Solutions, Kevin brings more than 20 years of experience dedicated to delivering the most useful solutions to each Tebra customer.

Webinar highlights

  • Tips to take on common challenges: reducing care complexity, EHR optimization, simplifying billing processes, and getting paid faster
  • The 3-step process to precisely identify, refine, and prioritize your goals
  • How to choose the right solution to start seeing tangible results