Choose the right EHR: Everything you need to know

EHRs are essential for modern healthcare delivery — but they’re not all created equal. In fact, a recent survey revealed 69% of independent providers are frustrated with their EHR’s ongoing interoperability issues, 66% with customization capabilities, and 40% with high operating costs.

In this session, hear how one independent practice owner successfully replaced his practice’s EHR. Learn how to start your own decision process, with hands-on, step-by-step exercises to choose the best EHR for your practice.

Our speakers

Jesse Noyes
Vice President of Product Marketing at Tebra
Jesse combines a journalist’s training with more than a dozen years of software marketing experience. He is dedicated to identifying the data and trends impacting healthcare delivery — and taking action.
Fabius Santos, DNP
Founder, CEO at Optimal Psychiatry and Wellness
Fabius is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. He serves as Adjunct Faculty at Drexel University while also running his own independent practice and ThePsychNP channels on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram.

Webinar highlights

  • Advice from one independent practice owner who navigated an EHR switch
  • 3 simple exercises to set your non-negotiables and choose the right EHR for your practice
  • Exclusive data about the promises and shortcomings of today’s EHRs