May 23, 2023

Tebra’s fresh new look arrives June 1: Here’s what you need to know

We’re excited to debut a new unified Tebra look and experience.

The world of medicine is forever evolving, with new demands and challenges around every corner. As Tebra looks to the future and the increasingly seamless and connected experience we aim to deliver, we’re excited to announce the next step in our product evolution. Our new style honors where we’ve been — leaving everything where you’ve come to expect it — and where we’re going: a streamlined and unified future.

You’ve already met the Tebra brand across our website and we’re thrilled to bring it into our products starting June 1, 2023, with additional updates happening throughout the rest of June. Here’s what to expect, along with the elements that are changing — and everything that isn’t.

What’s not changing

When a product you know and trust to power your business changes, it’s natural to feel a little uncertain. But rest assured: every feature is in the same place as it was before, and is working as it was before. 

Beginning June 1, for customers who use Tebra’s Kareo product, you’ll navigate to your log-in screen like normal and use your existing credentials to launch Tebra Practice Operations. 

For customers who use Tebra’s PatientPop product, you’ll navigate to your log-in screen like normal and use your existing credentials to launch Tebra Practice Growth. 

For customers who use both Tebra products, you’ll navigate to your log-in screen like normal and use your existing credentials to launch Tebra Practice Operations. You can access Tebra Practice Growth from the Practice Operations global navigation.

From there, you’ll experience your refreshed dashboard, where everything is located in the same place as it was before, with the same functionality. Beneath the new colors, typography, and logo, your dashboard is the same.

Behind the scenes, we’re hard at work on always improving optimization, stability, and the other core components you care about. We’re also working towards a unified product for practice operations and practice growth. While a fully unified product is still a little ways away, we want to offer you a glimpse of the future with this refresh.  


Get a sneak peek of our new style with our SVP of Products, Andrea Kowalski

What’s changing: Get to know the Tebra look 

So if the features and functionality aren’t moving or changing, what is?

The Tebra color palette is modern and sophisticated yet welcoming. It features a bold primary palette, supported by grounding earth tones. The new colors have a visual contrast designed to ensure accessibility and legibility.   

The modern Tebra typeface family is a classic sans serif with a contemporary edge that’s precise, robust, and reliable. It’s also optimized for digital spaces, with a Tebra-designed hierarchy that will make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for — and easier to read once you find it.

Finally, our Tebra logo is inspired by the medical cross, a universal symbol for care and aid, but with an added reference to connection and growth. Our emblem expands on a symbol of aid to include everyone who provides it: healthcare providers, and also receptionists, office managers, accountants, billing companies, and more.  

You know your patients and clients demand and deserve a modern experience. So do you. We’ve been working hard on the refreshed dashboard, and we’re thrilled for you to experience it starting June 1. 

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